Monday, December 31, 2007

The Last Day of the Year

  OMGG... Where did the time go?! It is the last day of the year and I am running so behind... As you can see, I am still celebrating Christmas... I still catch myself wishing everyone a Merry Christmas... LOL @ isn't it funny... With all the job search, I started out late celebrating the birth of our Lord, but like George Bailey, I am sure glad that I didn't miss it!

So, what do you do to prepare for the new year?!

It will be hard to complete all that I have to do today. I am trying not to worry about money. Whatever I spend my money on will be in faith that God will provide...

I went to church yesterday to leave my little hearts of things that I want for 2008. I left out a few things because the hearts are so small. (LOL)... I prayed for my poor broken heart that is so damaged and scarred. It is good to give up my broken heart to the Lord and to pray for a brand new heart to give myself a fresh start in 2008. We were all given a little cup of oil and we annointed our head, our eyes, our ears, our mouth, our back, our hands, and our feet. The feet was the hardest for me to do. I had to sit down to do it and I still had difficulty reaching them. It's as if my feet are tied...

After church, I went to Wal-Mart to get Jones' oil changed. My goodness at the height in prices just to get him some new oil. I got the cheapest priced and that was at $20! OMG, but now, even Jones is annointed. Makes me happy! 

While I was at Wal-Mart, I ran into my favorite of the three M's. (All of my uncle Robert's girls start with the letter M.) The moment she saw me, she says, "It's as if I am looking at my aunt Licha (Alicia)." Everybody who knows my aunt always tells me that I look like her. I think she is so beautiful. I hope I do look like her. =.)

So Mel (Melinda) said that Bobby will be getting married in August and aunt Licha will be coming. Oh, I hope I will be able to see her! Mel works in the eyeglasses section. I was going to ask her if they still have layaway, but I forgot because we got to talking... I am in desperate need of new eyeglasses. I have stepped on them about four times since I lost my job... My God, how is that possible?! They do not fit right and they could come apart at any moment, but they have presevered! Yes, that is one thing that is on my list for 2008... The oil we used in church had dripped onto my glasses, so she cleaned them up for me. Isn't it miraculous at how clean they can get them?! 

 OK... so on to shopping... I picked up some birdseed for Tidbit. That cute little bird can eat! (LOL @ that is probably the same thing that God thinks about me!) But just as I am counting on God to take care of me, I must take care of my little bird...

As I reached the supermarket, the first thing I saw was the cheap prices of the avocadoes. Oh, my favorite food in the whole world! I chose five. I found a pair of fish that were priced at only $2. I couldn't believe it because there were other fish that were exactly the same size but they were at double the price. I picked up two loaves of bread (for my home to never know hunger) and a bottle of Reunite Lambrusco wine (for joy and prosperity), remembering that I have a lot of salt at home (to add flavor to my life). I looked for grapes (for luck and 12 wishes), but there were none, so I went to the frozen section and picked up a bag of frozen fruit that had grapes in it... I also picked up a head of lettuce, a few tomatoes, a bell pepper, one mango, one orange, a package of cheap hotdogs, and a bag of chocolates (something sweet to sweeten the new year).

The exhausting part was bringing all that up the stairs. I put some mustard on some bread and had hotdogs for supper. Today, I will get a bag together of the bread, wine, salt, and chocolates and put it into my car. It will be the first thing I bring into the apartment after midnight. The reasoning for doing this before midnight is that nothing is to be taken out of the house on New Year's Day, not even the garbage.

 I have decided to pay my bills in faith, so today I will pay the rent, my car insurance, and my storage.

I need to clean house, wash clothes, change the linens, cook some beans, and mend my black pants. That's a lot to do in one day. I hope I can get through it!

On New Year's Eve, I usually stay at home, try to squeeze into my favorite black dress (even if that means not zipping it up~ LOL), opening the doors and windows to let the old year out and to let the New Year in with Dick Clark and drinking a glass of wine on the balcony, quietly listening for the fireworks that the city folks pop illegally (LOL), but tonight,we are meeting at church at 11 p.m. to bring in the New Year, praying and worshiping God in fellowship. 

This year, my first words will be with God. I think that is a wonderful way to bring in the New Year. For the offering, I have my three one dollar bills ready. (One for the Father, one for the Son, and one for the Holy Spirit)

On New Year's you are supposed to wear something new. I know I have a jacket in my closet that I have not worn. I just hope it will fit. I hate not being able to fit into my own clothes! If it doesn't, I do have a new pair of shoes that I haven't worn. I will wear them tonight. I will also wear a yellow bra and yellow panty for prosperity and a red panty for love. I don't know if that jacket has pockets. I don't think it does... I will have to put some money in my bra, I guess. (LOL) My goodness at how much trouble it is for a woman to get dressed!

When I get home on New Year's Day, I will bring in the bag of wine, bread, and salt into my apartment in hopes of a better year...

My online friend has started a candle vigil for me to find employment. If you would like to light a candle for me, the site address is:

God bless us, everyone! May this year be different. May this year be our best year yet! May the New Year bring us the greatest desires of our hearts.



Saturday, December 29, 2007

Traditions & Resolutions


I have no idea why it is so hard for me to clean my apartment... My poor body has no energy... I have a sore throat and I have been sneezing a lot... I hope I am not getting sick...

When I used the oven earlier this week, I ended up making a mess, because I had to take everything out to get to the pans and utensils that I needed... I hate small kitchens... I found a box small enough to put into the cabinet but large enough to hold my cake decorating stuff, so that the next time that I take stuff out, I can pull out a box instead of having stuff dump all over me...

I found the nativity set. It is not as pretty as this one, but I have all of these little statues except that my shepherd is different... I was only going to put out the Holy Family, but ok... I took out the cow and the donkey and the sheep are so cute and the angels and the shepherd and the goat herder reminds me of my childhood... and then, I thought about the Three Kings... It really isn't time to set them out yet... not until the 7th, but I decided to set them out, too, so that I can enjoy them just a little longer! Makes me happy...

I will look for my frankincense and myrrth and place three gold coins before the baby Jesus... If I kept them with the Nativity, I wouldn't have to look for them! Duh!... The three coins are one for the Father, one for the Son, and one for the Holy Spirit... (I used to use three quarters, but now I use three gold dollar coins.)... and I will set out some water and some grass for the wise men's camels... 

I have not bought the camels for my Nativity set, yet... It would be nice to get at least one camel for them... I have two sets of Wise Men... the ones that are traveling and the ones that are worshiping the baby Jesus... My traveling Wise Men are on horseback, camel and elephant... I found a picture of them on the web, but this picture doesn't do them justice...

Tomorrow is the last Sunday of the year... time to make that list of things that I want for 2008... On a piece of paper, small enough to fit in a small envelope, I drew two little hearts joined at the center to symbolize my heart transplant, because in 2008, I am replacing my broken heart with a brand new one... I am excited about my new heart... It will allow me to open my heart up to love once again... I hope nobody will break it in 2008...

The hearts on my paper look something like the image in the sand at the top of this entry, except that they are in one continuous line... The little paper is small enough to fit in an envelope, so you can imagine how small the hearts are! I had to write very small. =.) I think I will make two copies. I will put one under the baby Jesus, and I will leave the other one at church tomorrow... 

Why is it so much easier to go to my computer than it is to clean house? LOL...



While some folks might be busy putting away their decorations, I am on the hunt to find my Nativity set... It has been a disappointing 2007 not to be able to find the Nativity in church. I have been to two churches this Christmas season and none of them have a Nativity... It was sad enough when they took the Saints out of church. Why would they want to take out the Nativity during the Christmas season?! All they have is Christmas trees...

Yesterday, I took my garbage to the dumpster which is on the other side of the complex. Yes, even taking out the garbage is such a chore, going down the stairs and walking with all that heavy garbage to the other side of the complex, because someone complained that the dumpster had flies... That person is no longer living here... The pains of my body do not appreciate her unthoughtful complaint...

What was good about my dumpster visit, however, was that I found a good box to use to store some of my stuff, and I found a poinsetta bouquet that someone threw away... I felt like a bag lady, taking out that poinsetta from the garbage... It was a bit dusty, but it looks perfectly fine... I had not planned on decorating for Christmas this year. All I have is a simple little wreath on my door. I had not decorated, because it would mean extra work to take things out and put them back again, when I am trying to clean my apartment as much as my poor body will allow... but their taking away the Nativity hurts... It is not Christmas without a Nativity... and so today, I will ramble through my boxes to look for it and place it with the poinsetta somewhere in my apartment...

Although most people put away their Christmas decorations early, it is tradition in my house not to take down the decorations until the Three Kings arrive on January 7th... so I will have a few days to enjoy my Nativity...

It makes me sad that people complain about having statues of Jesus and the Saints in church... and the churches used to have such beautiful stained glass images... The "new and improved" churches only have a plain cross... They are so blah... so plain... They say that we shouldn't have statues of Jesus and the Saints in church because it is a sin to worship anybody but God...

Jesus and the Saints are reminders of how we should live our lives... This does not mean that we worship the Saints and the statues... Stupid people from other religions who do not understand our faith... Stupid people who are Catholic on paper only because their ancestors stated that they were Catholic does not a Catholic make... The athesists are so heard... Why can't we stand up for our rights, too?!! When will Christians be heard?!

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph are still in their little stable... It was a hard journey to Bethlehem, only to be rejected from a nice, warm place in an inn... I can only imagine the cold winter nights in that little stable... and their attempts at trying to get warm in an open stable that is not insulated from the harmful strength of the wind... and of having to be surrounded by the intense smells of the animals with whom they shared the stable...

What a humble beginning...

Friday, December 28, 2007



The weight of my body is like carrying the weight of a whole person on my back from the time I wake up until the day's end... The weight of my body is a side effect of the problems of life that I carry, the result of my emotional eating...The weight is heavy and it is exhausting... To do anything extra wears me out... even getting dressed and putting on pantyhose and buckled shoes... My body has been hurt and abused and tossed around like a little rag doll and suffers from many illnesses... The extra weight does not help... It's time for a new body...

The bad experiences of my past have broken my heart in so many pieces that continued attempts to repair it, rewind it, re-bandage it, re-tape it, re-white-it-out, re-pin-it, re-superglue it, etc., will not help... It's time for a new heart...

People said that 2007 would be a very prosperous year and that July 7th, 2007, would be the luckiest day of the year, but 2007 was not a good year for me.... 

It is without a doubt that 2008 will require renewed faith, a new heart transplant, and a new body... It is the last Friday of the year and time once again to write down all of that heavy baggage that I experienced in 2007 and all of those heavy memories that I have been carrying around with me since the day I was born...

Giving things away is another way to let go of the past... It is time to sort through things in my apartment to see what I can donate to charity...

The Chinese are on to this idea of cleaning their homes, paying their debts, and getting rid of things that they no longer need before the New Year gets here...

I am a firm believer that taking time to get rid of the old will allow room for new and better things to come into your life...

I wrote down my list of all the bad things that happened in 2007 and all the bad things that have happened in my life... I am sure that I probably forgot something, but need I say that it was a very long list?! I took my list to church and the pastor will be taking everyone's lists to the Island. He will attach them to a very heavy rock and throw the rock into the ocean tonight to symbolize the letting go of all this garbage...

In the past, I have written my list to God, attached it to a red balloon, and watched the balloon float up into the sky until the balloon completely disappears from sight... Since I will not be present at the Island to see my list go down into the ocean, I may still do the balloon...

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


They didn't show up in pretty wrapping paper or have shiny bows on them, but I was really surprised to get two Christmas presents in the mail on Christmas Eve and one gift on Christmas Day!

I received a small picture of my new grandbaby and my best friend sent me a little book of encouragement. I was on my way to take a shower last night when there was a knock at the door. The nun downstairs brought me a plate from their Christmas luncheon and a Christmas stocking with two grapefruit and three colored sharpie pens. 

I was very surprised, because although I always like to give gifts, I don't usually receive them... This year's gifts brought me joy, hope, nourishment, and added color to my life.

I am so blessed. =.)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Touch Someone
Written by K. Foley, 1998.
People ask
"How can you be friends with someone you have never met?"
I tell them
"You have never been online I bet!"
It's something people offline will never understand.
You open up your heart to friendship with your typing hands.
It's a world full friendship at your fingertips,
there is so much.
Online, it only takes a heart
to reach people with your touch.
First you start out online, surfing all around.
Next thing you know a great friend will be found.
You will chat a lot and surf cyber space.
Soon it will be your second home, a comforting special place.
A friend to share your dreams and your tears
 to help each other wipe away life's fears.
You will share life together and help each other along.
You will make it thru bad weather
because friendship is so strong.
No matter how far apart you go,
your keyboards will keep you together.
In your heart you will know,
you don't need a face to be a true friend forever.
So how do you explain this to people
who have never been online.
I guess it takes a gesture of friendship
 and a little bit of time.
So let's start by sending this around
and passing our special touch
A smile, a web site, a gesture starts it all...
becoming friends doesn't take much!
Yesterday, I was hurt to hear that someone from Washington took a Santa Claus and crucified him to a cross.
Last year, someone was mad, because there were Christmas trees in a mall...
This morning, the TV host tried to get people to share a tradition that they share on Christmas with their family. I think it is sad that no one could think of anything...
This nation was built with God in mind. Even our money states
In God We Trust.
Let's not forget the Reason for the Season!
... Our family traditions are to go to Midnight Mass and to bake a birthday cake for the baby Jesus and sing Happy Birthday to Him... My daughter and her family goes out to a Tree farm to find their Christmas tree...
It has been a good while since I decorated a cake... It smells so good, I am sure that I could eat it just as it is, but I'm going to see if I can remember how to make the frosting, etc...
From my home to yours,
Merry Christmas to all my J-Land friends!
May the Spirit of Christmas
be with you everyday of the year!
With much love,
Win & Tidbit =.)

Saturday, December 22, 2007


I would like to apologize to my readers for not being able to visit journals lately. I am so sorry.

I have dedicated most of my time to going through the motions of looking for employment, and although I continue to be behind in my entries, I have been trying to keep up with adding SOME entries to my blog... BUT it has been too frustrating to deal with the continued nightmares of AOL technical difficulties with editing, alerts, uploading, and continually getting blank pages, etc. 

I hope that you are forgiving and that AOL gets its act together in 2008...


I am happy to report that I saved $20.00 on my electric bill this month! Also, I forgot to add in yesterday's entry that when I went to the bank, the teller told me that I can be $1,000.00 in the red on my account, but it will cost me $27.00, which means that I can only be in the red at $973.00. That means that if I do not have the rent for next month, I will be ok. I will still owe the money and this will need to be a one-time thing, but it will buy me more time...

I called the U-Haul to see how much money it will cost, just in case I need to move out of my apartment and become homeless again. 

I would hate to be homeless for a second time, but if that happens, I will no longer be able to continue with my blog...

Please continue to keep me in your prayers.

May the good Lord bless all of my readers who have stuck by me through these difficult times in my life.

Friday, December 21, 2007



December is almost over and Christmas is almost here... I have the time, but I don't have the money to visit my children and my grandchildren this year...
I have been applying for jobs, but I haven't had much luck. I didn't go to do the income tax training, because I have already missed too many days. I was surprised that there was a message from Lisa. I wonder why she called. I wonder if she is going to give me a chance to go back...  
My mind has been busy reflecting on what I have been doing to look for work. There really is no reason for me not to have a job. I have a Bachelor's degree, I have a stable work history and I would be a good employee for any agency... The only thing I can think of is that my ex-boss might be saying something negative about me because the principal said that we didn't have a relationship. After I left my job, they fired Deborah, so I called her to find out how she's doing on her job search.
Debbie is not too worried, because she has a boyfriend to support her. She says that she has been applying at different places, but she has not gone to one interview. Our ex-boss has to be saying something derogatory...
I have been wondering if I should take my last job off my resume,  but with my luck, it would come back to haunt me... 
Speaking of coming back to haunt me... The accident that I had on September 17 came back to haunt me... A collection agency says that the man from the car accident filed damages for $3,000 for the damage that my little car did on his big vehicle. Unfortunately, he had his woman in the car and I was driving alone. I have no witnesses to speak in my behalf. The collection agency says that if I do not take care of this, it could affect my driving privileges.
When will the nightmare end?!!
OK... so now the good news of the week: I was surprised to get a check in the mail. I went to the bank to deposit it in faith today. I told the teller that I wanted to deposit all of it and that I didn't want any cash back. I signed the check and gave it to him. It was a check for 83 cents.

Thursday, December 20, 2007



December 18 was the anniversary of my divorce from my children's dad. How many years has it been since I was finally liberated from that horrible "marriage"? I don't remember if it has been 28 or 29 years... Most people celebrate their wedding anniversaries. Here I am, thanking God for another anniversary of my divorce.

In my youth, I used to push my hair back from my forehead, because I didn't want to have the widow's peak that my mother and brother have. I always thought that if you had that, you would end up being a widow. Unfortunately, the father of my children is still alive. I know that sounds harsh, but why is it that bad men never suffer, and good men are always so hard to find...

December 18 is also the 22nd anniversary of my graduation from college. I was the first person in my family to graduate from college. That has to be one of the hardest hardships of my life... having to work full-time, study full-time, and take care of a household and children with no car and no help from family or friends... Thank you, Lord, for seeing me through all that!

I wish I had been able to spend this December 18 celebrating, but unfortunately, I had to spend the day in my apartment, cleaning, and waiting for the Pest Control people. Why couldn't they have picked another day?!

There was very little warning. I saw the note the day before when I was going down the stairs to apply at what I thought was going to be a Job Fair. I saw the note and thought about turning around and cleaning instead, but no... I decided to go to apply.

Not many people showed up. It wasn't a job fair at all. It was just an agency looking for people. I was disappointed at the results of the tests that I took. I really thought I had Microsoft down pact, but then, I AM self-taught. I guess there are easier ways of doing things on there. I just do what works... Talk about lowering your self esteem! Still, the girl was surprised at the speed and accuracy of my typing test and that I only missed one question which was the lead for the error or correct answer for the question that followed it. (The test was on grammar and math.) The girl gave me a bit of hope that I might be considered for a particular job that she's working on...

So I came home and ate and relaxed in front of the TV with 12 Corazones. As usual, they got rid of another Cancer. I hate when they do that, because I do not get to hear all of the advice that the astrologist gives for each of the remaining zodiac signs...

Then, the phone rang. It was Daniel. I was surprised that he was calling me because he usually calls on Sunday and he usually doesn't call twice a week... I was even more surprised to hear that he called to tell me there was a probation officer opening in Corpus Christi. Like, hello! You know I don't have the money for January's rent. What makes you think that I will have the money to relocate now! Duh!

I have known D for at least 30 years. He is 48 years old, has never been married, eats at his mom's everyday, and does not want anything serious with anyone. Yep, and he is a typical Leo and a typical male, so full of himself. He calls me at least once a week to tell me how his week went. I guess I have been nothing more than a sounding board all of these years. Although we are friends, he has never taken the time to really get to know me or to see my worth.

When I was left abandoned with my two kids, no man wanted anything serious with me. They were only after what they could get, seeing nothing more than a great body and a great set of boobs. I would have to say that D is no different. Whenever he thinks of me, he probably thinks of my boobs first... And yet, I allow him to continue to be my "friend." Now that's crazy...

So anyway, after that long conversation with D over nothing, I didn't have time to clean so I went to sleep and got up at about 1:00 to start cleaning what seems to me as frightening as a den full of lions.

Ever since the last fall and the herniated disks in my back, it has been so difficult for me to do housework, get dressed, and bring groceries up the stairs. Every little movement I make wears me out, especially bending down to pick things up. I find myself losing my balance a lot.

What would normally take someone to do in half an hour takes me days and sometimes weeks. When I clean, I do a little bit and then, I have to rest, and then I do a little bit more and rest, etc.

I look at the clock and feel frustrated because it looks as if I have done so little, but I cannot clean like I used to, so what I did was take some of the stuff into the bedroom and closed the door to the mess so they wouldnt see it. So what does that mean? That means that I still have a bedroom full of stuff that I need to get to... later... Ugh!

There are still boxes of things in the dining room, but I just cleaned around them. I hate having to clean like that, but I had to do what I could in a hurry. After the Pest Control people left, I took time to rest. 

When I get a job, I am going to hire someone to come to help me to clean this place right. =.)

We only had two days of cold weather. Never fails, but at least my bones are not hurting today...

Christmas continues to go on all around me. All I want is for someone to tell me to come work for them, and if it is not until January, all I want is for them to tell me with enough notice so that I can enjoy what days are left of this year.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I drove over to the cemetary to visit with my Daddy today. The cemetary is an hour away. I was happy to see that his grave is clean and that he is under a beautiful palm tree that provides him with such lovely shade. The flowers I gave Mother to take to Daddy's grave were there. (I'm so happy she didn't lose them. She always loses whatever I give her.) The flowers still look fresh and colorful. I'm so happy that the weather has not damaged them. His stone needs to be cleaned, but I didn't have anything with me to clean it.

We had a good, long talk, my Daddy and I. I like it when no one is there, because I feel more free to speak out loud and share my thoughts and stories with him. 

My father died when I was three. I wish I had known what it is like to grow up having a dad. I wish I had known what it would be like to have him in my life today. I can only imagine how different my life would have been if God had allowed him to stay with us.

I wish you were really here, Daddy. I wish I could hear your voice and feel your arms around me. I miss you, Daddy. I'm sorry that I have stayed away for so long. Our visit did me a world of good.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

My fibromyalgia is acting up. My back is hurting and so are my legs.. my jaw, my hip and my ankles... and everything else I have broken in this lifetime... Is there a part of me that isn't broken? Oh yes, and my heart is broken, too, but the fibromyalgia doesn't make my heart hurt. =.)

And so I say... I won't be able to go Caroling today... I will have to go Caroling another day...

It sure is a nice day to snuggle up under the covers with Richard today. I'm loading up the DVD. =.)

Thank you, Sugar, for my Richard graphic. I love it. =.) 


Brrr... it's really cold outside today... Wrapping myself up in my black Salvation army coat (lol), scarf and gloves and going Caroling through J-Land...

First stop is at Footprints In The Sand... I picked up this cute little tag. Oh, so cute! I don't know this woman, but it looks as if she is married and has three sons.

Next stop... was at Dana's. I picked up this graphic. Thanks, Dana.

Well, I'm having a lot of trouble with my Image Host and with my AOL alerts, especially to the UK. Gotta run and get ready for church. Will try to visit some more journals later.


Friday, December 14, 2007

Kool-Aid Diaries


When my daughter was a little girl, she used to always come home crying about something that the kids at school said or did, so I would always make up stories of "La Reina" (The Queen) or "The Angel Mommy and the Angel Child" and the stories would always end with a Kool-Aid happy ending, so we would sit on the floor and laugh and have a little floor picnic, drinking Kool-Aid from little teacups... It would always make her feel better and it would give us good quality time together...

Sometimes, I would draw cartoons and color them with colored pencils. Well, today, I found one of them! It was "La Reina" going to an interview. I tried to do one via PSP but I had to shorten the wording because I don't have a font small enough to show the words clearly. Still, I thought this turned out kinda cute and it goes with what is happening in my life at the moment. =.)

I wore my black skirt with a brown jacket and my favorite Angel scarf draped over one shoulder, brown and linen pumps, and my brown Victoria Wicke purse. I pulled my hair back and up in a pony tail with some large combs that clip together and left a few trindels around the face. For jewelry, I stuck to my clear crystal necklace and simple earrings, a silver watch, and the ring my daughter gave me that she inscribed to show that I am her inspiration. Inside my purse were things of equal importance: a picture of my daughter and I, a small New Testament, my handwritten 23rd Psalm, my handkerchief, and my sword. In my portfolio were a copy of my application, my Resume, transcripts, copy of my drivers license and Social Security card, Letters of Recommendation, and my list of Questions to ask. I was prepared.

I would have to say that the interview went well. I do not know if I convinced the Director, but the woman seemed convinced. It is not really the job that I want, but I need a job, and a lot of the people who work there know me and love me...

Christmas is going on all around me. The newspapers are full of sales. Traffic is intense. Busy shoppers are shopping for gifts. I feel as if I am alone in a crowd. All I need is a job to pay my bills... January is almost here and I don't have the money to pay the rent... I am still trusting in you, Lord...

After the interview, I dropped in at church, and then, went to the Income Tax training. The questions are really tough. I only did two income tax problems today. Ughhh... I am behind the others because I wasn't there on Tuesday, but I had two interviews this week, so that's pretty good.

CarolingThru J-Land

Hello, Everyone! It's time again to go Christmas Caroling Thru J-Land! Thanks so much for stopping by! Come on in for some Christmas cookies and some yummy Mexican hot chocolate!


So how does Caroling thru J-Land work?! Well... it's almost like the Trick or Treating Thru J-Land we did in October... You leave the link to your journal here, and then, you do an entry on your favorite holiday song in your journal so that other people can go Caroling to your journal to see what your favorite song is...


Then, you visit at least 5 of your friends' journals, especially those whom you think might want to play along.  When you visit their journal, leave your journal link in the comment section inviting them to  play along and to visit your journal so they can see the song you chose. 



My favorite Christmas song is "Santa Baby." Hit the button above to see the video and sing along with the lyrics...

Santa baby, slip a sable under the tree, For me.

I've been an awful good girl,
Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight.

Santa baby, 54 convertible too, Light blue.

I'll wait up for you dear,
Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight.

Think of all the fun I've missed,
Think of all the fellas that I haven't kissed,
Next year I could be oh, so good,
If you'd check off my Christmas list,
Boo doo bee doo. [background]

Santa honey, I wanna yacht,
And really that's not a lot,
I've been an angel all year,
Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight.

Santa cutie, there's one thing that I really need, The deed.
To a plex of my hand,
Santa cutie, and hurry down the chimney tonight.

Santa baby, fill my stocking with a rolex, And checks.
Sign your 'X' on the line,
Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight.

Come and trim my Christmas tree,
With some decorations bought at Tiffany's,
I really do believe in you,
Let's see if you believe in me,
Boo doo bee doo. [background]

Santa baby, forgot to mention one little thing, A ring.
I don't mean on the phone,
Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight,
Hurry down the chimney tonight,
Hurry down the chimney tonight

So far, I have visited two journals... I picked up the following graphic from Donna of D'sDesigns at

and this one from CAB'sCreations at

Please visit them to see what their favorite songs are!

My Marilyn Monroe tag below is snaggable. I think it might be good enough to share. LOL... When you snag it, don't forget to link back to this entry in my journal so other people can come caroling, too! The words on the tag are from Karen Carpenter's lovely voice to "Merry Christmas, Darling." I chose this tag for today's entry, because I don't know if I will be able to spend Christmas with my loved ones this year. I know there are probably a lot of people out there who may find themselves alone at Christmas as well... especially people who have lost someone very special and for those who have loved ones in Iraq. The beautiful part is that the memories of their love and laughter are always with us as long as we remember them in our hearts.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Old Man Winter


Since I missed yesterday, today was Day Two of learning how to do income tax! It was hard being behind everybody because Lisa spent all morning helping one person. The boss lady is kinda rough. She was out half the morning and the rest of the morning she spent helping the woman who has 10 years of experience. I felt discouraged because on Monday, I did five problems, and today, I only did two. At least on Monday I had a little help from the boss lady. Today I had none. Not even the assistant could figure out why I ended up with two kids with the same info when there was only one child. All the forms showed there was only one child! The boss lady went into a blank space and hit delete and the second child finally disappeared... This is only Day Two. There are 10 days of this! I hope I will do better tomorrow...

I was surprised to hear my phone ring this afternoon. I am scheduled for another interview on Friday, but this will be my first interview in the morning. Now that's different. All of my interviews have been in the afternoon. This, too, is a job that I really do not want, but I know some people who work there, so maybe it won't be so bad... 

This is the hottest winter ever! I hate to think what next summer will be like. In 1944, the Valley was at 28 degrees. What happened?!! We are expecting a cold front at about 86 degrees. Now that's funny...

Another Cancer is eliminated in 12 Corazones. What is going on there??! What kind of vibes do we send out? What kind of vibes do I send out?!


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Stress A La Mode


I am back from the interview. Oh, God, did I mess up?! I was so nervous. I was interviewed by two women and one man. The only one who was "friendly" was the woman in the middle. Her name was Edith, but she is not the supervisor. There were 15 questions. I hate panel interviewing.

I don't think the tough woman boss was impressed with me. The job will not start until January. I pray that God will grant me favor.

The woman who interviewed before me and the man who interviewed after me looked so much more polished. My suit is so old. It really needs to be replaced. It was so windy that my hair flew all over the place. And pimples on my face are evidence of stress. I hate it when they look at you all over... They always leave me feeling that they think they are so much better than I am. Well, it is done.

Thank you, Abba, for this opportunity. I place this job into your hands. Help me to find my place in the world. I can't help but feel that some company is missing out on what I have to offer. Please do not allow me to be overlooked.


Bracelet by Sugar. Thank you for my Xmas gift, Sugar!

Prayer Request

I was called in for an interview this afternoon. It is with the company that I want except that it is in the city where I live! Please say a prayer for me today. Thank you!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Frugal Test

How Frugal Are you ?? I got this from Sandra's journal...It's a list of how to cut costs...  
  1. Go with a smaller house. I don't have a smaller house. I have a small apartment.
  2. Go with a smaller car. I drive a small car
  3. Rent rather than own. See Number 1.
  4. Look for used first Some stuff has bad karma you don't want to own or wear. 
  5. Eat out less. I do this. 
  6. Eat out frugally. I do this. 
  7. Brown bag it to workI do this. 
  8. Adopt a minimalist wardrobe. I am working on this and trying to divide it by hot and cold seasons, but most of my clothes are so worn and old that most of them need to be replaced.
  9. Stop online impulse buys. I don't trust my credit card over the inter-net and I don't do E-Bay anymore.
  10. Don’t shop. Living in the Valley has cured me of this! Now, I only go to the store when I run out of toilet paper. 
  11. Use a 30-day list. I am not sure what this is. 
  12. Cut out cable. I have not had cable since my kids lived at home. Now they have kids of their own. That tells you how long it has been.
  13. Use the library. I like the library, but they are not open when I want to go. I have been known to spend all day at a bookstore. That doesn't mean I will buy all the books I find. Sometimes I just take notes. 
  14. Find free entertainment. I do this. 
  15. Frugal exercise. Not exercising is frugal. LOL... I like walking in the moonlight. It's cooler and you don't get sunburned.
  16. Stay healthy. I'm trying! I have so many broken bones and health problems, but I just keep on going! 
  17. Commute by bikeI wouldn't do this on the highway. The drivers from Mexico don't take a test. They buy their licenses. It's dangerous enough just driving a car with Mexicans on the road.
  18. Carpool or ride the bus. If my job demands travel, I cannot carpool with someone because I'd be out of a job. There are no city buses in this area. 
  19. WalkI used to do a lot of walking, but my hip and my ankles give me too much pain now. My last incident was when I got run over by a woman with an electric cart at the market. My body still has not healed from that one. 
  20. Sell your clutter I wish I could do this, but I do not have a garage to have a garage sale. I live in an apartment. I have been trying to give my stuff to charity instead, but I am having difficulty because it is painful to stoop down to pick up things, etc. 
  21. Frugal giftingI do this.
  22. Quit smoking. I don't smoke
  23. Alcohol in moderation. I do this~ only on my birthday and New Year's. Very rare to drink at other times.
  24. Sweets in moderation. I do this. 
  25. Drink water. I do this.
  26. Batch your errands. I do this.
  27. Stay home. I do this~ a lot! LOL 
  28. Stop using credit cardsI have a debit card instead. 
  29. Cancel subscriptions. I don't get into subscriptions unless if they are free.
  30. Make your own. I do this.
  31. Do it yourself. I do this.
  32. Stop paying interest. I try to do this. I bought my car cash so I wouldn't have to pay interest or full coverage insurance. I only pay liability.
  33. Reduce convenience foods. This is questionable. Sometimes convenience foods are cheaper.
  34. Travel frugally. I do this. I limit errands and job searches to the same area to cut gasoline costs, etc.
  35. Cut the cell phoneI don't have one. 
  36. Cut your own hair. I do this.
  37. Maintain stuffI do this. 
  38. Save energy. I do this. I changed all my light bulbs to efficiency ones. I limit clothing inside my apartment in the summer and layer clothing in the winter.
  39. Save gas. Refer to 34. I limit outings to one area.
  40. Only buy bargain clothing (when you need clothes). I do this unless if it is an item that will be worth the wearings. 
  41. Telecommute. I am not sure what this is. 
  42. Plan ahead. I do this~most of the time.
  43. Cook aheadI do this. I cook it, separate it and put it in the freezer. Then, it becomes a convenient food. =.) 
  44. Wash clothes lessI stick to darker colors to wash clothes together instead of having to wash several cycles because of the different colors of lights, darks, and brights. 
  45. Sun-dry clothesThis is not allowed in an apartment, but instead of using the dryer, I will hang up washed clothes on a hanger on the bathroom rod. 
  46. Eat less meatI do this. I try to add more veggies, pasta, rice, or beans than meat to casseroles. 
  47. Save on groceries. This is a hard one, but I try.
  48. Frugal Christmas. I do this. I shop for presents throughout the year instead of only in December.
  49. Eat a cheap breakfast. I do this.
  50. Go with one carI can only afford one car. LOL

Tink-ing Answers


What is your favorite food? Why do you think it is your favorite food? Is there a story connected to it?! Describe your favorite food as if I had never heard  of it or tasted it before.  

My favorite food is the avocado. I think the reason why I love it so much is because my dad introduced me to it before I could speak. Sometimes I wonder if it was my first baby word. My mother says I referred to it as "canga." I assume I called it that because I was trying to say aguacate which is the Spanish word for avocado.

I look at how excited my grandson gets when he sees a banana. I have the same expression on my face whenever I see an avocado now, so I can imagine how thrilled my dad was to see the look at my face whenever he offered me an avocado as a child. For my daughter, it was the boiled egg! What food puts that expression on your face?! My next favorite food is seafood, but for this entry, I will stick to the avocado.

The avocado is a green fruit in the shape of an egg or a pear. It has a green skin that may turn black (depending on the type of avocado). When you take a knife to slice it open, you will find a large seed surrounded by a fleshy green substance.

The seed can be used to make a seedling to make an avocado tree but it takes the tree about ten years to produce good fruit.

The fleshy green part is the part that is edible. To remove the fleshy part, remove the seed, and use a spoon to remove the fleshy part, or you can slice it to form slices. 

The fruit of a ripe avocado will be rich, sweet, creamy, and may taste a little bit cold in your mouth. Avocado is best to be used right away; otherwise, it may lose its pretty green color and turn black. Some people add lemon juice or lime juice to help it to hold its color for awhile... but if avocadoes and I are in the same place at the same time and they are ripe enough to eat, I will attack them all! I have tried to freeze them, but it is too hard for me to control myself from them, so that doesn't work for me... I guess if I had to choose between chocolate and avocadoes, avocadoes would win by a landslide!

Avocadoes used to be considered a sexual stimulant, so it developed a bad reputation in the past. I guess that explains why I also love oysters. LOL...

Avocadoes contain about 35 grams of good fat, have 60% more potassium than bananas, are rich in vitamins B, E, and K and have the highest fiber content of any fruit. It has also been tested for anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and has been used to cure a number of ailments such as diarrhea, high blood pressure, and abdominal pains.

The avocado has also been known to be good for successful weight-loss because of its high fat content. This good fat speeds up metabolism, gives the feeling of fullness to reduce overeating, is rich in vitamins and minerals, and reduces the temptation to binge on foods high in sugars and bad fat.

(Wow @ so happy my favorite food has so many benefits!)


This week, pay attention to other foods that you may be eating with similiar qualities of your favorite food. Is there a pattern? Do you reach for foods of the same texture, smell, or taste as your favorite food? Compare and write about it.

Yes, much like the avocado, my favorite foods are rich, creamy, sweet, and most of them will feel cold in my mouth... refried beans, ice cream, frozen watermelon, potato soup, whipped potatoes, a cold peach, kiwi, cheesecake, chocolate... I will continue to pay attention to other foods with this texture...

P.S. This week I am taking a free income tax course. Today was my first day. The girl gave us a lot of examples to work on the tax software and pretty much let us figure things out by ourselves. She would help us out when we would get stuck. Some of them were pretty tough. Two weeks of this? OMGG... I guess it will take a lot of practice. At the end of the course, we will take a test. I wish I was getting paid for this, but at least, I am getting the training for free.