Sunday, October 5, 2008

We're MOVING!!!!

AOL is closing it's doors on our journals. Seems as if everyone has gone over to blogspot... I am not happy with the new format there, but that's all we've got to work with...

You will find me at my new Journal home:

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Postage Tigress

I absolutely adored Marilyn
in this fantasy role!
It is a small piece
in the Seven Year Itch.
LOL @ she is such a comedian.
The job that I applied for
this morning
is on the other side of the Valley.
I have to say
that I believe the interview went well.
The reason why I say this
is because
I was offered a second interview
on the same day
with the higher up...
and I caught them gesturing
to each other
when they thought
I wasn't looking...
I think the second interview
went well, too, because
he sent me over to his secretary
who had me fill out forms
for the criminal background check
and the driver's license check.
The reason why I say that
is because the girl who interviewed
before me just walked out the door...
all of the skeletons in my closet
have nothing to do with
a security clearance.
If I get the job,
I will have to relocate
to the other side of the Valley.
I have no idea how that would happen
but the key is
to get the job first!
On the way back,
wanted to check out the area
where Mother lives,
but just as Mother said,
the road is closed.
I tried to go through the back roads,
but they are still full of water
from Hurricane Dolly
and the rains from Hurricane Ike.
I would have thought the roads
would be dry by now...
I am still puzzled
as to how she gets here.
FEMA went away last month.
I think they turned her down.
Makes me upset
because her home is full of mold
and she really needs the help.
Fingers crossed on my finding a job soon.
I am in such great need
and I would like to be able to help
Mother to build another house.
It is so hard to be patient sometimes.
I keep telling myself that
God is never late...

Prayer Request

I am on my way to an interview this morning. Please keep me in your prayers.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Breast Cancer Awareness

October is "Breast Cancer Awareness" month.
I made this tag on both white and black backgrounds. 
I went into complete shock
when I heard about Christina Applegate's
battle with breast cancer.
The most shocking part was that
she had no problem with
removing both her breasts!
How brave is that?!
My aunt was diagnosed
with breast cancer in June.
Fortunately, it was caught in time,
and she didn't have to have her breasts removed.
Queen Latifa jokes
that she enjoys every minute
of her monthly breast self-exams.
Set a date for yourself
to do your self-exams every month,
say every 1st of the month
or every 1st Friday of the month,
for example.
It may save your breasts
and your LIFE.
Deeply apologetic for not posting
on Monday or Tuesday.
Whenever I post,
I spend a lot of time making the tags,
but I also have to cut and paste
the letter "d"
for all words that contain the letter "d"
because that letter is missing from my computer,
Because spell check does not catch all the words,
that means that it takes me a long time
to write an entry...
and yesteray,
I was just too tired to do that
so I am a couple of tags behind
but it is on my agenda to catch up!
P. S.
Very upset over recent AOL change...
They want to ditch our journals!
Grrr @ over five years of my life
into the trash?!