Sunday, January 22, 2006

A Little Bit O' Flab


One morning while making breakfast, a man walked up to his wife,  pinched her on the butt and said, "If you firmed up, we could get rid of your control-top panty hose". While this was on the edge of intolerable, she kept silent.  

The next morning, the man woke his wife with a pinch on  each of her breasts and said, "You know, if you firmed these up, we could get rid of your bra."   This was beyond a silent response, so she  rolled over and grabbed him by his "wackie".   

With a death grip in  place,  she said, "You know, if you firmed this up,  we could get rid of the gardener, the postman, the pool man and your brother."

OMG... If this is marriage, no wonder I'm single. =.)

Hello Journal Buds...

Here you find me again, trying to add another entry. Seems as if it's getting harder and harder to do that. Could it be that AOL is getting slower instead of faster? Sometimes I try to add an entry and AOL logs me off and I have to try and try several times, and yet, no entry goes into my journal. It has become so frustrating and so time-consuming that it has become more of a job. I have become so disappointed in AOL that sometimes I feel like giving up on my journal. Sometimes I feel that it would be better to hand-write my journal the old fashioned way. Do any of you ever feel that way?!!!#

Getting organized seems to have taken over January 2006, but getting organized at work has created major headaches. Because the person before me turned in all of his files, I have been working the cases he left behind by braille. It's like the blind leading the blind! Learning how to do my job got me behind, but not having his files pushed me even further back!


Service Plan Tool: I finally got his files back on Friday of last week, so I created a tool to keep on top of those service plans. Now, I just have to add new plans as I get new students. 

Assessment Tool: I am still working on this. It will include all the information I will need to evaluate and monitor the student's progress: schedule, personal info, grades, attendance, discipline, LEP, teen parent/pregnancy, etc. Once I get this completed, I will only need to add the new ones and I will only have to continue monitoring the ones I already have. I hope to complete it this week.

Group Schedule Tool: I am still working on this. I need to get creative because their schedules are all different. I am thinking of continuing groups via their electives, but including breakfast or lunch times to focus on teen parent group, career group, arts group (art, theatre, dance), anger management group, etc. Getting the groups organized is a horse of a different color because they all have different schedules, so I need to get really creative on that one. I have been working on it this weekend. Hopefully, I will complete this one this week also. I have to, because when my caseload increases to 100 students, I will really be behind and lost. 

I have been burning the candle at both ends~ going in early (7:30am) and staying until 9pm sometimes. Working too many hours is taking it's toll and I am getting burned out. My work schedule is only from 8am to 4:30pm. Will I ever be able to get myself to keeping to that schedule?! It would be nice to only work late once or twice a week. Yep, that is the plan.

The principal at my school is very structured and tough. The only time I have seen her smile is in the online picture. She is kind of scary. She made me nervous when she walked into my group last week. It took me a little while to calm down from the nervousness of having her standing there while I was conducting group, but I didnt even notice when she left. I wonder if she showed up because you can see through the Glass House where I have the groups. (Isnt it funny that the Woman in the Glass Box does groups in the Glass House?) I wonder if someone saw us playing the balls game and told her about it. She doesnt want me to allow kids to come in to do their work unless if she approves it. That means that I have to be more creative about their tutoring, because it is a service that needs to be included. 

I havebeen trying to get a speaker in for the past two months. I did not expect the principal to approve the speaker for Monday, but she did. Wow! I hope everything goes well tomorrow and I hope all the kids show up. My speaker is a man from the military. He will be doing a Power Point presentation on Substance Abuse. 

When I spoke to the principal to request permission for the speaker, I was surprised that she told me that I am doing a good job. Wow! She says that she wants me to continue to do counseling. And to top it off, that same day, the assistant principal and one of the counselors recommended two new students for my program. Wow! That's scary if they know I am good! How do I disappear into the woodwork now?! ha ha

This month, we have been discussing resolutions, dreams, and goals in groups. I know the substance abuse speaker does not tie in with that, but I guess it could if drugs get in the way of your dreams/ goals.

February is the month of love, so I plan for activities, games, and discussions that focus on relationships: self, girlfriend-boyfriend, family, friends, career, etc.

HOME/FAMILY: I pulled a drive-by visit to see my youngest daughter and her family and deliver their Xmas presents. They had plans last weekend, so I didnt stay. It warms my heart that my grandaughter loves to have me visit. We had a lot of fun together and she loved the dress-up clothes I got for her. My grandson is four months old and he weighs 14lbs. He is a little butterball, so cuddly to hold. I was disappointed that I wasnt able to see my other daughter and her family, but I dont think she would have appreciated a drive-by visit...

My mother showed up unexpected two weekends ago. She brought me some oranges and grapefruit. I wonder if she is losing her eyesight, because when I got back from my trip (which was only for Friday night and Saturday morning), my apartment was full of fruit flies. The whole bag of oranges was pulvurized. Amazing. I choose to believe it was her eyesight and that she didnt do it on purpose, but who knows....

Diet and Exercise:I know the plan was to lose a minimum of 2-3 lbs every month, but I havent been good about what has gone into my mouth this month. My best friend says she snacks all day and goes without supper, but snacking all day has had me snacking all night, too. Not a good game plan for me! I will need to go back to what works for me.

I am pleased to report that I have been keeping up with exercising at least 2-3 times per week, though.

I havent had the courage to get on the scale, but the month isnt over yet. It would be great if I surprise myself with a 2-3 lb loss this month. We'll see.

Well, everybody, thanks for stopping by. I know this entry was kind of boring. That's why it started out with the joke. ha ha... Thanks for laughing even if you didnt think it was funny. ha ha again...

Real friends laugh at your jokes even when they are not funny.


Win =.)

Friday, January 20, 2006


I'm still alive!

Hanging in there,

Win =.)

Sunday, January 8, 2006

Guided Meditation for a New You

Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.

Where does the time go? It is almost 3:00 p.m. and I feel as if I havent accomplished anything. I was disappointed to break my coffee pot when I was rearranging in the kitchen. Glass everywhere! Oh my Gosh!!! Thank God that I still have my little four cup coffee maker.

I suppose it would take me less time to clean my apartment if I justed cleaned, but no, I have to rearrange and clean in the back, too. It is becoming as difficult and it is taking as long to clean my apartment as it is to see progress when I am trying to lose weight. High impact, low impact, aerobic, cardio... ? Maybe people should just grab a broom, a mop, and a bucket and do plain old fashioned housework, because housework is exercise enough! Take a break, Win!

Although I love meditations, it seems that I rarely give myself the opportunity to just shut everything out and listen to them. This one, I found through an email that I received.

Begin by lighting a candle. Get cozy in your favoirte chair, put your feet up and take a few deep breaths.

Listen to the Meditation


By Rev. Vic Fuhrman & Barbara Biziou
Music by Barry Goldstein

Lotz of Hugz,

Win =.)

The best line a woman can use to attract a man is a waistline.

Saturday, January 7, 2006

The Three Kings


Yesterday was Three Kings Day. How could I let the day go by without noticing what day it was? If I had remembered I would have bought some Three Kings bread. Why is it that I find myself forgetting what day it is so often? I need to become more organized this year.

I must review the day to see if the Three Kings dropped by for a visit...

When I got into the elevator, a woman walked in and asked me to punch the third floor. I dont know why she said that, because most people punch their own elevator button, but I made light of it by commenting that I hadnt noticed there was a third floor in the building, which made her laugh. As I walked out into the second floor, I wished for her to have a good day and she wished the same for me. I felt good within myself, because I remembered to be kind to a stranger.

We had a training meeting in the morning. Peggy was her usual bitchy self. She always treats me like an idiot, but to be frank, I havent been trained properly. I dont know why Peggy is always mean to me. She says she tells Mr. Kennedy that they should just fire most of us and start all over with brand new people. I didnt single her out, but I did mention in the meeting that people are always making me feel stupid and/or ignorant. I kept telling myself that I need to be kind even when other people are not. I had people laughing, because I didnt make it sound like I was tongue lashing anybody and I made it known that I want to learn how to do this paperwork so that I can get on to doing more fun things with the kids. She seemed to have calmed down after that. I guess some people make up their mind about you before they even know you. I can understand when some men say that they dont understand women, because I know that some women, like Peggy, seem to get all bent out of shape because they think I might steal their space~ whatever space that may be: if they are pretty, if they are smart, if they are the favorite, if they are funny. I hate when jealousy comes into play, especially if it is in the workplace. She just came out and said that it takes her time to trust people and that she cannot see herself trusting me or the new girl. That kind of worries me, because she is the one who data enters the file information and she still has all of Robert's files. I made it known that I am lost not knowing what I am supposed to do with Robert's files, because she still has them, so I am trying to cover all the bases with the kids he had. I hope this makes her understand why I am lost. Of course, I didnt mention that my boss did not explain anything about the service logs except that you have to be creative~ no examples. My boss concentrated on the files and I have no problem with the files, but a person who has been there for a good while was at the training also, so I guess I havent done too bad. My boss said that my files look good, but he was concerned that I only had six files to turn in November. Again, that was not my fault because I didnt know what I was doing, but of course, I didnt bring that up, because they think it was just poor time management. The thing is that I spent too much time with my boss and with Robert and didnt get trained properly, but of course, I didnt voice that either. I have been worried about not completing my service logs that I need to turn in for December, but I still have some time to get it done by Friday. I am worried about my job, because I know that if the paperwork is not up to par, I might not be working for this company next school year. 

After the meeting, I went to see where the Echo Hotel is, because that is where we will be having the CPR training on Monday and I dont want to get lost.

I stopped at the Dollar Tree close by and was blown away at all the money I could have been saving if I had known that it is far better than any other dollar store. I found lots of goodies that I can use for activities in my groups: swishy balls, clay, cards, dice, masking tape, award certificates, stickers, scissors... learning books for my grandkids... wire drawer organizers that sell for a pretty penny at Bedroom, Bath and Beyond. . a first aid kit... gardenia carpet deodorizer... even mocha cappuccino cream wafer rolls... and packaging paper. Everything was $1.00. What bargains! And I got plenty of exercise, too, going up and down every single aisle, and laughter from a little girl who kept showing off the pretty things she found as she followed me all around the store.

When I got home, I couldnt wait to test the drawer organizers. I rearranged my kitchen drawers and smiled because my drawers dont look like junk drawers anymore. Makes me happy!

Because I hadnt eaten since breakfast, I was famished, so I made some bean tacos and ate some of the capppuccino cookies.

I sat down to watch some television, and even though they are re-runs, I always get a laugh from watching Everybody Loves Raymond.

I was pretty tired by the end of my day. My best friend loves shopping, but shopping always seems to tire me out, so I curled up in my bed and covered myself with my purple sheets and purple blanket and lay my head on my purple pillowcase and went mi-mis. Before, I knew it, it was already Saturday. I didnt even hear the alarm clock go off this morning.

So in review, it looks like the Three Kings did stop by for a visit, even when I wasnt looking! Wow! How can that be?!

These are the gifts that The Three Kings brought to me:

guidance and direction
savings, abundance, wealth
smiles and laughter
health and exercise
organization and order
things that are sweet
peace and rest
my favorite color
my favorite things
protection and shelter

Wow! I am so blessed.

May you always find blessings in your day,

Win =.)

Tuesday, January 3, 2006


SPIRITUAL:  In the beginning, there was God, and for me, this year's journey will begin with God, for with God, all things are possible. He has to be part of my equation. He has to be part of my puzzle. I put my problems, my hope, and my dreams into His hands.

To keep myself inspired, I have purchased "Daily Inspiration for the Purpose Driven Life."

For everything, absolutely everyting, above and below, visible and invisible, rank after rank of angels~ everything began with Him and finds it's purpose in Him. ~ Colissuabs 1:16

  It grieves me to know that the anti-Christ has come to America. It is so sad that God has been taken out of the equation from which this country was founded. Happy Holidays vs Merry Xmas?! Taking God out of schools? Getting rid of the Ten Commandments?

What motto did Congress authorize all US currency and coins to say in 1953?

A. In God We Trust
United States of America

Why is it that they worship our currency, even though it says: In God We Trust. Will changing our currency be the next step of the anti-Christ?

HEALTH & BEAUTY I am still sick and my voice is very hoarse, but I wont have health insurance until the end of January.

The first two days of the year, I ate too much. I guess my body needed it. Today, I have been more conscious of the portions that I am putting into my mouth. When I feel hungry, it helps to drink a glass of sugar-free drink mix first. If I am still hungry, then, I eat. Seeing myself in the glass window at the bank made me conscious of how square and stocky my body looks. Sad. Going through my underwear drawer made me conscious that I only have four underwear that actually fit well. Sad. I tried to buy some more, but the only sizes left were the little sizes and the kind that dont cover your front or your back. Were panties reinvented by men this year? This week, I will do stretches, but mostly, I will focus on portion control. Next week,I will start walking.

CAREER: Fairy Boy I havent started my paperwork yet. I will need to start on it tomorrow. I wish I could find a more efficient way to arrange my furniture so that I can have more efficient area to work at home. I still have three days left, but I will probably need to go in Friday if I cant get the paperwork done at home. If I move the sofa, the living area will be really crowded. Ughhh... the perils of a single person's apartment.


  On "The View," they said that a woman will kiss 79 men in her lifetime. Wow! I think I am running behind. I wonder how many more frogs I have to kiss to find my prince. I hadno idea that I should have been counting them!

I did run into the Seafood guy and he told me that I am pretty. Blush! 

Dr. Phil has a new book out called "Love Smart." I caught a glimpse of his show today. He had a woman who has been on 300 dates in three years. Wow! And still no boyfriend? Dr. Phil says you have to ask the right questions. Since I dont usually get the luxury of seeing his show, I will need to buy his book.


My horoscope for 2006 was not what I expected. They say that this year, I need to focus on my home, as that may mean a more beautiful (neater?) home environment ~ or moving. Will this be the year that I finally leave the Valley?! Leaving seems impossible, because I have too much stuff, and I dont have the money to move yet.

My organization mission began with the Space Bags advertised on TV. I thought I would love them, but I am very disappointed. Luckily, I was able to compress the comforters and blankets, but I expected them to be more compressed. I havent completed filling the other bags, mostly because the zippers are missing or dont work, but I hate taking things back, so I will keep trying. It makes me sad to put away the "little clothes" that I wore when I lost the weight two years ago, but I have to get back into them this year.

The discovery of Ziplock's new XL bags has made me fall in love with them. Unfortunately, I only bought one box ofthe XL and one box of the XXL. That meant that I had to go out and buy more XL bags! I am busy organizing and "packing" away things that I know I will take with me when I move. This process has made me visualize how much easier it will be when I finally decide to move, because I am not only organizing my stuff. I am also "packing" as I go. Wow! Isnt that great?!

The big problem is paper. So much paper that I havent been able to throw away because my personal information and account numbers are on them, but today, I bought a new toy~ a paper shredder! It was only $17 @ Wal-Mart. I can hardly wait to use my new toy.


I am working on building that $1,000 emergency statch. I now have two one-hundred dollar bills. That means that I only have eight more to collect.

When I paid my rent today, the landlady said that I had overpaid $80.00 in 2005. My forgetfulness saved me $80.00 in rent this month. Wow! My stupid memory problems paid off.  When the landlady found out that I am working with at-risk youth, she says that I am entitled to a 6% discount on my rent. That sounds great because I am earning less money with the new job. Since I am not ready to move, I will be renewing my lease for another six months.  I dont know how I feel about moving in July, though. It will be too hot to ask anybody to help me to move. I wonder how much it would cost to ask movers to do it. I must investigate before I make a decision, because it is always helpful to be prepared.


I thought Santa had missed my home this year, but when I went to my mailbox, I received a package from my best friend. She was also the only one who sent me a Xmas card this year. She has never been on time with Xmas cards and she has never given me a gift before. It was such an unexpected surprise! The package was a birthday-Xmas combination. (My birthday was in July.) It was a couple of scented candles and a black velvet cosmetic bag with rhinestones that spell out "Gorgeous." The note read: Thank you for always being there for me. I miss you. Love, Belle (It only took her about 16 years to notice? LOL... Gotta love her. Will need to send her a snail mail thank you letter.

When I went shopping today, I said hello to people I've never met before and probably will never see again. I did something a little different, though: I went through the self-serve check-out. That was fun!

I have noticed Fairythat even though some people are overweight, they know how to dress. In the winter, it is so much easier to hide your fat under layers of clothing. Unfortunately, this winter only lasted for about a couple of weeks. In my mind, I am frustrated, because I know how to dress when I am slim, but when I am heavier, I dont get dressed~ I cover up. How do they do it to make themselves look so good even though they are overweight? I am tired of covering up. Losing at least 20 pounds would make such a difference!




Win =.)

Sunday, January 1, 2006

Another New Year


I allowed STRESS to control my life:

stress from my criticial mother, stress at having to take my mother with me on my vacations, stress from believing the criticism of my mother, stress from my job(s), stress from running into men who want to be with you for a night, for an adventure, for a maid or because they see you as responsible and employed, stress from coworkers who dont know you but stab you in the back because they want to remain loyal to their friend, stress from wondering if the new company who takes over will keep you employed, stress from having a closet full of clothes that no longer fit because youve gained too much weight, stress from poor health that stopped you from taking your walks, stress at having to walk up and down the stairs to take your trash to the other side of the complex because your crazy, unemployed neighbor complained that she doesnt like flies, stress from huffing and puffing after climbing a flight of stairs because your waistline has expanded to twice it's size.

No wonder I never lost weight in 2005. Is it the Valley that has done this to me, or is this something that I have done to myself?! If it were not for God carrying me through 2005, I probably would have been eatten alive by the lions.


Angel Art - Peace on Earth

My grandson finally made his way into the world. He is now a healthy 13 lbs.

I learned basic cake decorating. My cakes are no longer lopsided. I learned how to make flowers out of frosting and my cakes now look as good or better than store bought at a fraction of theprice.

I have a new job, working with at-risk youth. I am still stressed, there are still quotas that I have to meet, and this is still a contract to contract job, but I am not new to this line of work, and while it is an opportunity for me to make a difference in the lives of these children, it is also good for my inner child.

What I learnedFairyfrom 2005:

When darkness overpowers my life, it is a humbling experience to remember that there is always something to be grateful for.

  Angel Decoration


Angel Art - Angel At Dawn

It is good to go to God whenever I have my problems, but it is more important to have Him to be a part of my daily life.

If I can lose 2-3 pounds a month, I can lose from 24 to 36 pounds this year without being deprived of the foods I love.

If I can exercise 2 to 3 times a week, my body will be healthier for it and my waistline will begin to wave at me again.

Angel Art - Angel At Dawn

In my work, it is important to count the days. If I am able to meet my quota early in the month, and if I can complete my paperwork on a daily basis, I will have time to devote to more fun things. If the other kids see the fun things we are doing, it will be easier to recruit new kids into the program, and that will save me even more time.

If I have to kiss ten frogs this year, I will be closer to finding that prince in disguise.

If I can donate more things than I keep, my little apartment will be cleaner and more organized.

If I can statch away 100 one-hundred dollar bills, I will always have $1,000 at my reach.

If I am always kind, even when others are not so kind, I will always have peace.


Wishing you the greatest desires of your heart in 2006,

Win =.)



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