Thursday, July 31, 2008

Madame Butterfly

Going from soft to bright
but looks as if I continue with the
Oriental theme!
This was another
"Mask Challenge."
Looks like it was a hit
with my graphic group
because I got a lot of comments about it.
My horoscope said to be creative today!
OMGG... guess that means
that I have to work on PSP
instead of
housekeeping or job search?
I have a job lead
that I need to follow up on
& I need to do at least
a little bit of housework!
After that,
I can sit down & play with PSP.
I took some Windex to the bathroom!
The glare!
Can't stand the glare!
LOL @ I love how shiny the bathroom is...
the tub, the toilet, the counters, the faucets!
I never knew the toilet could be shiny!
Try it.
It will blow your mind away!!
I want to spray Windex
on everything!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


This should have been
part of Today's entry.
the comment
in my journal,
I love it!

Cherish, Dream, Live!

This week,
the Challengez have been working with Masks.
I have already completed all five,
so adding entries for the next few days
will be easy! Yay
Hope you like this one.
I think it looks very soft & very oriental.
The following is one of the Questions in our graphic group for this week... Thought I would share...
Have you ever taken lessons in anything?
A lot of what I have learned is
self-taught  or by trial & error
but I will share a story...
When I was a child,
one of my schoolmates invited me
to go across the street from the school to her church.
The girls would take piano lessons there for free.
The teacher invited me to sit down
on the piano bench with her & she taught me a little bit.
I thought it was only going to be for that one time,
but she told me to come back twice a week.
It was hard for me to understand why my classmates
were running around instead of practicing.
I suppose it was because they could afford
to have a piano in their homes.
I could have run around, too, but I sat down
to practice instead.
I was only with her for about a month
when she showed on my doorstep!
She came out of a pretty car with her husband.
I was surprised because Anglos never came
into our poor neighborhood.
She was tearful when she told me that
she wouldn't be able to continue teaching me piano
because she was losing her eyesight.
She said that she felt that she had to come
to tell me in person,
because unlike my schoolmates
who spent their time playing around,
I was her best pupil,
 because I was very dedicated to learning.
She said that of all her pupils,
she would miss me the most.
Adults were always offering me jobs when I was a child
because they all saw how responsible I was (am)...
Wish it were that easy to find a job now!
It is good to have nice memories
for when days are not so bright.
~quote from Sybil =.)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Summer Is Here!

WINTER is gone...
but SUMMER is here!
It gets so HOT in the Valley
that I always forget to enjoy the SUMMER!
South Padre Island is closed for repairs
because of Hurricane Dolly.
Restaurants,... hotels...
they are all closed down for repairs...
The causeway
from Port Isabel to the Island
is closed, too,
and I do not know how to swim
so I wouldn't be able
to get across to the Island! LOL
The newspapers continue to be filled
with news
about Hurricane Dolly
& all the damage
that it has caused the citizens of the Valley.
Criminals got into the game, too...
Vandalizers tried to rob
a discount store in Brownsville...
Drug traffickers tried to cross
a ton of drugs across
the Rio Grande River...
I am two weeks away from Summer Camp.
I was selected to participate
as a volunteer facilitator;
You remember!
I wonder if I will have a job by then
or if God wants me to participate
at Youth Leadership camp.
The end of July is this Thursday.
I have to make a decision
about signing a six month's lease
or going month to month...
If I go month to month,
I have to pay more rent.
If I go with the lease,
I am bound to stay here
for another six months...
Decisions... Decisions...
Oh, almost forgot to say
that B sent me a nickel for my birthday!
I was so excited when I saw it!
Unfortunately, it was the wrong date!
Where are those 1953 coins hiding?!#
Thanks for trying, B.
I am saving it anyway!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Just A Little Fun!


My online friends make life special.  


Just a little something to make you laugh! 


Friday, July 25, 2008

Under Water

The Taj Mahal in this graphic looks almost as if it is under water... much like the Valley after Hurricane Dolly paid us a visit this week...
The helicopter flew overhead yesterday exactly at the time when the radio announced that Texas governor Rick Perry was going to come to check us out... I wish I could remember how much money they said it would take to repair the damage... Yes, we are a natural disaster... LOL @ makes so much sense to me!
I was without electricity for two days. I put the milk in the freezer so it would not spoil, but it took up so much space in the freezer that I had to eat all of my birthday cheesecake! LOL... I feel so fat...
After the battery on my computer gave out, I had no computer to play with and no TV to watch, so there was no other choice except to sleep!... which really makes no sense, because I was up so late last night making up for lost time, watching TV... LOL
I lost most of the week because of Hurricane Dolly, but I was lucky to find some jobs to apply for today. I keep going down on salary. I keep going down on qualifications... I don't know how much lower I can go. I feel as if I am playing a game of limbo sticks with my job search. Grrr.... 
I wish I knew where God wants me to apply. That would make things so much easier! I do not know the plans He has for me or why He is keeping me waiting... Summer camp is right around the corner... Does He want me to participate at camp?! As long as He continues to take care of me, I have no right to question Him.
As you may remember, I joined FlyLady in attempts to make peace with the chaos in my apartment. This week, I was supposed to be in Zone 4~ The Bedroom. LOL @ I didn't do anything on the list. OMGGG @ will I ever get to the bedroom?!# I am going to try to see if I can do at least a little bit of housework in the bedroom this weekend. If I get avalanched in all that clutter, forward my mail! LOL @ talk about a natural disaster!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dolly Comes To The Valley

Hurricane Dolly is now a category 2 hurricane.
The eye wall has reached Port Isabel...
Our "Dick Clark of hurricanes" (lol) 
is still awake and he is still covering the storm.
The storm is moving so slowly
even though the winds are at 100 mph.
The eye of the hurricane is expected
to hit Port Mansfield,
which is north of us,
(along the coast between the Valley & Corpus Christi)
but you never know in which direction
the hurricane will decide to go!
The reporter's red pants
are flying all over the place in Port Isabel. lol
Lots of wind and rain
and the sea water continues to rise.
Nearby towns are already reporting damage.
LOL @ the reporters are saying
hello to "mom and dad" and
~ we are ok, compadre! ~
I am glad that I changed my mind
about being a reporter...
I told you there was bad weather somewhere.
My body never lies...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Whisper In The Wind

The latest buzz
is that the Valley is waiting
for Hurricane Dolly...
The weatherman says the eye should hit us
in about seven hours...
The Valley people are probably
running around with their heads cut off,
trying to get what they will need to survive
for at least a couple of days...
boards, sand, candles, matches,
canned goods, manual can opener,
radio with batteries, flashlight, etc...
On the news, a man was gathering
his own sand at the beach today,
because the local police ran out
of sand to give to the people...
I hope it will be a pleasant storm...
I love storms...

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Magic Is You

The Good Ole' Days... (Another Survey from Sandra.)
How much was gas when you started driving? little over $1.00 & I was complaining then! LOL
Did you ever own a record player?  Yes, still have one!
What year did you graduate high school? don't ask me now! I just had a birthday!!! LOL
Do you own any Oldies Music? If so, what? Oh, YES! I still have albums, too. Lots of them! Wish I had more CDs with Oldies music because the sound is crisper but at least there's radio!
Where did you go on your first date? to the movies. (blush)
Do or did you own a pair of roller skates?  No, we were too poor.
Have you ever played skip-it? Had to look this up on the Internet to see what it is. What does that tell you?!# LOL
Do you remember moon shoes? Another one to look up on the Internet. LOL @ omggg what are they thinking?!
Did you ever do the Macarana dance? Yes! Try doing this attached to another person where each person does half! LOL
What was your first pet's name? Snowball
Have you ever dyed your hair a weird color? Not really. Sometimes it just looks weird. LOL 
Did you ever play four square? Ah, whatcha talkin' about here?! Grrr
What about Hopscotch? Finally a game I can understand! LOL
Or Dodgeball?  YES! Was the best at this in high school! LOL
Have you ever won a goldfish atthe fair? NEGATIVE
Where did you meet your bestfriend? I met Belle at a workshop.
Do you know how to do the Electric Slide? Girl! I am still trying to get that one right. I am so dyslexic! LOL
Did you like strawberry or chocolate milk better? CHOCOLATE lol bright enough for you?!
What was your favorite food as a kid? Avocado since before I could talk!
What was the 1st video game console you owned? Never owned one of those.
How old were you when you got your first car? 25 or 26?
What was your 1st job? I picked cotton in the cotton fields
Have you ever had a fuzzy steering wheel? LOL... was it Purple or Leopard?! 
Have you ever made rice krispy treats? Yes. When my kids were little.
How old were you when you got a house key? does a padlock count? LOL... If so, 17. If not, 21.
Ever met Geoffrey the giraffe? Who dat?!
Did the robots on the chuck-e-cheese stage scare you? Never been to C-E-C. Just the name grosses me out. LOL 
What was the first roller coaster your rode? It was on a date with my boyfriend. We were at a fair in Mexico. It was scary because it came apart and we were at the top.
What is your favorite arcade game? DIDN'T PLAY ARCADES
Who was your first sleep over with? It was when my mother would  go dancing with her girlfriend.  We stayed with her niece and nephew. I don't remember how old we were. We were little, but many years later, that boy gave me my first kiss. Refer to first date above & later date on roller coaster. LOL
Have you ever won a really big stuffed animal from the fair? NO!! Not even a little one. LOL... but they made my name out of wire. It is a pin. I still wear it sometimes.
If so, who won it for you? Refer to inquiry supra. LOL
What is your favorite ride at the fair? Well, it used to be the flying swings... LOL @ drooling over memories... wonder if they still have those...
What's the best fair food? foot long hotdog with grilled onions! YUMM!
How old were you when you got your piercings / tatoos? I got my ears pierced with a needle when I was visiting in Tampico (ouch)... and two more times in the States (I wanted 3 holes in each ear)... but they  were never pierced correctly & the 2 top ones have closed. 
What were your high school colors? black & gold
How long can you make it on a pogo stick? Are you stupid or something?  LOL@ not gonna do that!
Did you have a red wagon? No, my brother got the boy toys. grrr
Did you have a motor powered fisher price car? Ah, I told you my brother got the boy toys but we were too poor for anything fisher price. 
Did you ride the school bus? YES, but the kids were so rough that I preferred to walk to & from school. In high school, I would  walk home for lunch as well. That was a total of eight miles a day! Whew! Guess that is why I was the fastest runner at school.
What was your favorite toy as a kid? I only had one doll ~ a stuffed doll named Teresa. As a child, I liked Little Golden Books with art by Eloise Wilkin because I wanted to be an artist & I like to draw... When I got a little older, I liked to read superhero comic books under the trailer when we took our lunch break when I used to pick cotton. I also liked to draw from the art in the comic books.
Do you remember the 'My Buddy/Kid Sister' theme song? Never heard of it.
What do you miss most about your childhood? My Grandfather and playing in the meadow, catching fireflies and butterflies, & making mudpies to decorate withlittle flowers... although it was more fun baking cookies in the oven because I could eat them.
What friend of yours have you known the longest? How long? Belle... about 28 years.
Have you seen every episode of Full House? No. Full House was never a favorite of mine.
Where there any shows you were forbidden to watch as a kid? The ones that had kissing. We would cover our eyes. LOL... Oh, so innocent.
Do you have a limit as to how much tv you could watch per day? No, but I was too busy cooking & taking care of a household  as a kid. Whatever time I had, I'd rather be with Grandfather or playing in the meadow with the butterflies when Grandfather would take the goats to pasture.
Were you allowed to have sweets before dinner? We rarely had sweets as a kid... a freshly cooked tortilla with butter was our special treat. MMMM... For the past two weeks, I have been making fresh homemade tortillas... Makes me almost wonder why I ever settled for store bought. LOL
Did you parents tell you the walking barefoot, up and down the mountain in the snow to school story? No. I was the one who walked all those miles back & forth to school! LOL... 
P. S. For those of you who are still looking for 1953 coins for me, I am still looking, too! I never thought it would  be so hard  to find them!!! Grrr... Where oh where are they hiding?! Let me know if you find any!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Last Week's Dish

Well, I spent all day Monday cleaning
the Living Areas of my apartment,
which may be one of the reasons
why I was sick the rest of the week (grrr)...
but I am happy that my apartment is cleaner
than it was before.
My toilet was not working for most of the week
so I had to fill the tank with water
to make it flush (grrr)...
But so happy that now
I just have to pull on the handle.
Although I am not thrilled
about anything that I applied for...
I am happy that I was able to
put in some applications in my Job Search.
I was disappointed that I was the only one
who signed up for the
Secret Pals 
and that there was
no graphic contest this week...
But I am happy that
I could devote that time
to sleep & trying to help myself
get over being sick...
Saturday was my birthday.
I was supposed to have met my daughter
and grandchildren in Corpus Christi
but they could not make it.
I was supposed to spend time with my best friend
but she couldn't make it...
So instead of spending the day alone,
I went to Mother's, but
according to the note that was left on my door,
she & my brother were at my apartment
while I was at Mother's.
Grrr @ I missed them by 15 minutes.
So even if I was all alone,
I thought I would make the best of it
and bakemyself a birthday cake...
But I was surprised
with ice cream & cake by my neighbor.
And she gave me a cross as a present.
(She is a nun.)
Wow @ she and her friend dropped everything
just to make my day special!
Well, as it turned out,
my brother & Mother showed up later!
They were at my neighborhood grocery store 
& made another go to see if I was home.
Wow @ that was a surprise, because
Mother never remembers my birthday!
But my brother does...
I got so many birthday wishes
from my online friends.
Thank you for making my birthday seem special!
Thank you for making my week!
Every day this week could have turned out bad
But it's all about attitude; isn't it?!
:::Oh, so grateful:::
Forget Me NOT!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

Today is my birthday!

I don't know why I am so excited about it.

It's just another day!


Thursday, July 17, 2008


Here is something a little different.
Not even the group has seen this one...
The animation may take it awhile to load
but it loaded up nicely
on my Image server with no problem.
 As mentioned previously,
I haven't been feeling well.
I am not sure what is wrong.
It's kind of scary,
because I don't have money or insurance
to go see a doctor.
Hopefully, it will go away,
and tomorrow will be better.  
What gives with all this baby bump watch?!
I am glad I am not a celebrity (yet~lol).
Imagine everybody checking out your tummy?!
 Oh, my!


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Marilyn & James

Another blinkie.
LOL @ this group loves them...
My friend says I have been M.I.A.
Actually, I haven't been feeling very well.
My head feels as if it has split in two...
It could be my blood pressure
or a change of weather
somewhere in the world!
Has anyone listened
to the weather?!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Alyssa Milano

Somebody pinch me!
I won first place in the
graphic contest!
If I had to walk up to the front
to give a little speech
I would be so unprepared!!!
I would like to thank
all the little people...

Living In A Man's World

Another MASK challenge...
LOL @ I still haven't memorized
how to make it...  
I had planned to just chill today,
but my horoscope says
to do some chores today ...
so I better get to it.
I don't plan to knock myself out,
but a little bit won't hurt...  
Have a beautiful

Friday, July 11, 2008


At the beginning of the year, I sat down and just wrote some random thoughts for 2008...

1. To always have everything I need. Three cheers for this so far! Yay!

2. A successful career, doing what I love. Still LQQKing for a J-O-B.

3. To never have to worry about money. Been worried for half a year but even without a job, I am still here!

4. To be healthy and fit and at my ideal weight. Oops... this one pretty much flew out the window so far, because it is not easy to eat healthy when you have no job, but the year is not over yet so you never know!

5. To replace my worn out clothes, purse, and shoes with nicer ones. Received a second hand suit, purse, & shoes from dress for Success but the purse comes apart & the suit is too hot because it is lined. (I live in Tropical Weather!) What I didn't expect is that one of my silent readers sent me a black purse! That was so sweet. Thank you so much for thinking of moi!! It came in the mail today.

6. To spend more time with family and friends. This hasn't happened physically, because I haven't had the money to go up to see my girls & my grandchildren, but I have spent time with family and friends through phone calls and emails. There has even been some improvement in my relationship with my mother. That alone is a miracle!

7. To win the pending case with the man who is suing me... Never heard from them again after the letter I sent. I assume the matter is closed.

8. More bubble baths, manicures and pedicures. I received a manicure this year when I went to a conference. That was sweet and it was free.

9. To go to Youth Leadership camp this summer. I have been accepted to participate as a volunteer facilitator in August. Will I have a job by then or will I be able to go? That is the question.

10. To get in the ocean this year. I already went into the ocean this year. Yay! Hope to go again before the year is over.

11. For my legs to be strong enough to dance... Still hopeful for this. The year is not over yet.

12. To do something creative... I have learned some tricks in PSP this year and my skills are improving. 

I would have to say that, even though I am without a job, I have nothing to complain about, because so far, it has been a very good year for me... I hope that things will continue to get better and that God will continue to provide for me until I can provide for myself... Makes me feel at peace that God is so good & that I can trust Him completely.

P.S... For any reader who is trying to find some 1953 coins for me for my birthday, I have decided to look for them from now until July 2009 because I haven't found any yet! LOL... So please keep checking your coins! Thanx a mil. =.)


Another Survey?!


Is REAL love indescribable? I WOULD SAY IT IS
Have you ever been in Love? Yes, but a man has never loved me back. They were only after my body or for what I had or for what they thought they could have if they were with me.
Ever get sick to your stomach because you love someone so much? Of course not. I think that is just silly stuff you see on TV.
Describe in 3-5 words what your description of Love is? LQQK at first question above! duh!
Is love sometimes misunderstood for care? Could be. If you have no idea what love is!
If you could make someone fall in love with you, who would it be? If you have to force love, it is not really love; is it?!#
If Love was a potion what ingredients would it compose of? RICH DARK CHOCOLATE and something really wild, passionate and full of magical sparkles. ;.)
Do you tend to enjoy the game of getting someone to love you back? I have never had anyone love me back, but I love the game of like. 
What age were you when you had your first kiss? 16
Is love worth dying for? YES, in the movies. LOL
Is love worth losing everything you currently own? I have lost everything I owned because of love. It wasn't worth it.
Is love always enough in a relationship? No. You cannot live on love alone and it takes two to make a relationship flourish. 
What item you own do you Love the most? Why? I have two separate pictures of myself with each of my girls when they were little. They don't stay little very long.
Is the love for your pets same as the love for your family? OF COURSE NOT
A food you love? I love avocados and seafood. 
Someone you love for making life so much easier? I have never had anyone make my life easier... You got me wondering what that would be like!!!

Would life be better or easier if we were all emotionless? I don't know... let's ask the men, shall we?!# LOL
Is black the never ending color of hate? Actually, black is not a color! 
A law you hate? All is fair in love an war?! Who made that up an why do people accept it?!#
Someone that makes you sick? HAHA, NOT TELLING
A food you HATE!!? I only eat only what I like. =.)
Do you sometimes hate the ones you love the most? Hate is not in my vocabulary but their behavior is questionable!
The argument you hated having the most!!? My ex was always jealous. Serves him right for marrying someone so pretty. LOL
Something about life that you hate? It is the hard times that have made me the woman I am today and I am very proud of that.
A movie you hate? Whoever wrote this survey must be a hater. LOL
A band you wish would just SHUT UP? Just change the station or turn the radio off. LOL
A vegetable you hate? I like veggies.
Something a family member gives you on the holidays that you hate? LOL @ I am always the one doing the giving. I usually do not receive presents from family.
A word you despise? the F word.
Something your bf/gf does that drives you crazy? drink only to throw it back up...
Something a family member does that drives you crazy? My mother always tells me I am fat or a big girl (her polite way of saying I am fat.)

Special Events in your life!!
The happiest moment of your life? when my girls were born
The funniest thing that happened to you with your friends? I pledge the 5th. LOL
The nicest thing someone has ever said to you? It always makes me feel as if I have made a difference in the world when a previous client comes up to me and says thank you for all I did for them.
A school day that actually went well. What happened? Our homeroom teacher got after Tony and me because she said we were always looking at the clock so she put the clock away. The next day, Tony brought his watch. LOL
The best date you've been on? describe it. The man came to my door with flowers an a bottle of wine. He was very much the gentleman: opening doors, taking out my chair, very attentive. We went to a seafood restaurant where the food was excellent. He brought me home an gave me a good night kiss on the cheek. It was as sweet as the dates you see on TV. Left me on cloud 9. LOL
Your best/ funniest birthday? What happened? I don't think this has happened yet, unless if you count the time that my family celebrated my birthday without me. The pictures gave them away. Nope @ not the best or the funniest for me!
The best gift someone has ever given you? I am still waiting for someone to give me their heart.
A time you laughed so hard you peed your pants? what happened? My friends and I are always laughing, but I don't think this has happened yet. Maybe when I am older?
One of the best memories you have of a loved one? The times I would spend with Grandfather and growing up with my daughter. LOL @ we grew up together.
Best vacation with family? I spend time with family but I don't know if that would put it in the same category as a vacation... I don't think I have had an actual vacation, unless if you count the time that I had a summer romance in Tampico, Mexico. 

The Nasty Tards
Do you get migraines? Sometimes, when I am stressed.
Do you get acne? Not usually... only when I am stressed. Are we leading up to something here?! LOL
Have you ever been trapped in an elevator? No. Thank GOD
Ever accidentally caught something on fire in your home? yes my hair LOL
Has a pet ever ran away? did you find them? No but a woman kept coming to ask me to give her my dog. To this day, I still believe that she was the one who stole him.
Ran into a see through door? LOL~ NO!
Slipped on wet floor? Yes, twice. I am still suffering because of this.
Ever found something disgusting in your fast food? Yes. A hair that was not my hair color.
Have you ever been diagnosed with something horrible? Yes. That is why I had to give up my uterus.
Accidentally slipped gas in public? LOL... not yet!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

dancing with wolves?!

My tag group has been keeping me busy this week. I am not sure if I will be participating in the tube challenges next week, because it was too hard to keep up with it this week... maybe only one or two...  
From comments we have rec'd, it sounds as if this tube of the Indian girl and wolf was the hardest for most people... I hope what I did with it is okay...  
The little bear was the one that gave me the most trouble... I will post the little bear at a later time, because even uploading it to my image host was a pain. Just as the tag was uploading, my image host closed down for maintenance. grrr...  
The interview went okay yesterday. As rushed as those people from San Antonio were to schedule me for an interview, I was surprised not to be interviewed by them. I was interviewed by the case managers instead, which is a good thing, because if I had been interviewed by the other people, I never would have seen them again or rarely. I always wonder why they interview you only to disappear...  
I have never been afraid to get a job... This time I am, because of all the traveling that will be involved and working as late as 10 p.m. 
I worry about Jones breaking down
from all that mileage...
and not having the money
to buy another car to keep my job
or get another job...
and I worry about my vision
making it difficult to drive at night.  
So if you are praying for me, please pray that a better job will open up before they make a decision. I say that, because I will not be able to turn down any job that is offered to me!
I guess it is easier for me to get rejected than it is for me to have to tell them no!  
(Thank you for this tag, Gwen.)


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Prayer Request

Possible interview today? Got a message on my phone that people are coming down to the Valley this morning to interview for a position in a town that is about a 30 minute drive from here... My horoscope said to expect to be discouraged. LOL... I am used to rejection, I guess... a glutton for punishment. LOL

Wonder why interviewers like the rush of doing everything at the last minute (little or no notice for an interview), and then, they take their sweet time to make a decision!

Anyways, please pray that I am able to get into my pantyhose! Grrrr @ why do they make them so hard to get into?! I keep visualizing Tootsie. LOL... Stockings and a garter belt were always so much easier and sexy, too. LOL... Good grief @ I have to shave my legs, too! Grrr...

I really wish getting dressed for an interview was an easier task for me. By the time you get all your stuff on, you feel like a stuffed tamale and sit there trying to breathe, which makes you forget what to say in the interview! 

So please keep me in your prayers for getting those pantyhose on and for not allowing my mouth to blow the interview!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Blessings From Heaven

My friend Bethe sent me a Money Angel, but as you can see, instead of forwarding it, I turned it into a tag. LOL...

I think it needs to be in my Journal... to bring blessings of all kinds to all who come here... Yes, even blessings to the "silent readers" who never leave a comment. LOL... blessings of health, blessings of joy, blessings of peace, blessings of knowledge and understanding, blessings of love, and blessings to supply all of our needs...

It has been raining for about a week already... On Saturday, it wasn't raining when Jones (my car) and I went to Mother's, but as soon as I got on the road, it started pouring cats, dogs, and all kinds of animals with paws! LOL... When I got to her house, I had to park in front, because the road that leads to her house looked very muddy, and I was afraid to get stuck in the mud...

I always worry about her place when it rains a lot, because I am always afraid that her home will sink into the mud, because it stands on blocks. 

It was scary coming back from her home that day, because it kept raining and the roads were full of water... I was afraid that Jones was going to get stuck or that his brakes would get wet and leave me stranded with no cell phone and no way to call for help, but through fear and prayer, I made the long trip back to my apartment....

That was only Saturday. It is now Tuesday. I can only imagine how much more water is at Mother's and on the roads... The weatherman says people on the other side of the Valley are having a hard time with all the flooding... but it sounds as if the skies should start clearing up by tomorrow...

Regardless, I still love the rain... for it is God cleansing the earth and pouring His blessings on us...

I am still waiting and expecting my miracle...  

P.S. My body keeps fighting against the housekeeping. Bending and reaching continue to be a challenge, but it feels awesome to have a clean kitchen... I wish my whole apartment was decluttered already... Babysteps, Fly Lady! Fifteen minutes at a time!

I found some job leads, but I need to use the computer at the employment center, because my computer cannot pull the applications or print... One day at a time...


Monday, July 7, 2008


This is a tag from my early PSP days
so there is no blank.
Yes, that is my body on that girl's head.
LOL @ I wish!
I had so much to write about last week,
but I got caught in the rain three times,
so I have not been feeling up to par...
Last weekend, I was reading up on Fly Lady.
She is a house cleaning expert
and takes you through babysteps
to get your home clean.
I started out last week,
but I am already behind. LOL
Last week was Zone 1, which was
the entrance, the porch, & the dining room.
This week is Zone 2: The Kitchen.
I have been trying to train myself
to do the morning routine
and the missions of the day,
but because I wasn't feeling well last week,
I wasn't able to keep up.
I hope I will have better luck this week
altho' I have been sneezing a lot this a.m.
Mario Cimarro is on TV
in the middle of the day!
It looks as if this telenovela is
halfway or towards the end,
but at least he is still in my life. LOL

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Do you like Hot Pockets? YES, BUT I DON' T BUY THEM.
What would you do if you won 1,000 bucks? SAVE IT TO USE FOR BILLS & GASOLINE
Do you have a job? NO, I AM LOOKING FOR A JOB.

If so, what is it? CASE MANAGEMENT

What do/did you think of high school?  I AM GLAD IT'S OVER!
Have you ever engaged in underage drinking? NO
Have you driven without a license? NO
Do you like soda in a can, bottle, or as a fountain drink? IN A CAN
What kind of things do you look for in a relationship? SOMEONE WHO MAKES ME HAPPY & MAKES ME LAUGH
Do you like to be the crusher or the crushee? IS THIS A WRESTLING MOVE? IF SO, CRUSHER! LOL 
What kind of music do you listen to? POP
Would you rather read a book or a magazine? WHAT BOOK IS IT & WHAT MAGAZINE IS IT?!!#
CD's or digital copies? CD
Do you ever click on pop-up ads?  ONLY TO TURN THEM OFF
Do you pass on chain messages? NEGATIVE
Do horror movies actually horrify you? YES, THAT'S WHY I DON'T WATCH THEM
What would you do for a Klondike Bar? NEVER ATE ONE BEFORE
Are you stressed? YES
Are you at home or with friends more often? HOME. MY BEST FRIENDS LIVE FAR AWAY.
How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? LOL, NEVER COUNTED
Are you amazed by Post-It notes? I'M NOT THAT EASILY AMUSED
Do you think you have a lot of friends? MY FRIENDS ARE FEW BUT TRUE
Are you addicted to anything? WELL, MAYBE TO MARIO CIMARRO & RICHARD GERE. LOL
Do you have a REAL phobia? YES.
What about glasses or contacts? WHY SURVEYS ALWAYS ASK THIS QUESTION??
What kind of clothes do you wear? GIRLY OR COMFY CLOTHES. LOL
If you had to mold yourself into a stereotype, what would you call it? I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO ANSWER THIS QUESTION
Are you younger or older than the majority of your friends? WE ARE ALL ABOUT THE SAME AGE.
What religion do you practice? CATHOLIC
Do you think you're lazy? NO, IT'S OK TO DO NOTHING SOMETIMES. 

What is your favorite instant messenger? AOL IS MY ONLY INSTANT MESSENGER.

Do you still send hand-written letters? YES, HANDWRITING & DOODLING IS AN ART.
Is technology overruling person-to-person communication? OH TOTALLY
Do you carry any weapons? MY WHOLE BODY IS A WEAPON, BABY!! LOL
Is your room painted or wallpapered? PAINTED ~ I LIVE IN AN APT
If you hear a word you don't know do you look it up in the dictionary? SOMETIMES
How many hours of sleep do you get a night? NOT ENOUGH
What time do wish it was? TIME FOR MARIO CIMARRO. LOL
When it comes to the opposite sex, what is your "type"? HE IS INTELLIGENT, SEXY, FUNNY, EMPLOYED, SINGLE & KNOWS HOW TO KISS.
Do you have a significant other? NO
Have you ever told a girl/boyfriend you loved them but didn't mean it? OF COURSE NOT
What do you do for fun? ANYTHING MY HEART DESIRES.
Do you like sports? ONLY DANCING.
Do you spend a lot of time with your family? NO. THEY LIVE FAR AWAY.