Thursday, September 29, 2005



I still have not received a letter about my job, but I did receive a phone call. It appears that all of the people who were assigned to work with the Youth did not receive letters. I wonder what that means. I am not looking forward to the change, but at least I will still have a job.

Several people were fired yesterday, including my boss. Many people stay married even though they do not love each other. It was only day before yesterday that my boss told me that he left his wife and that he is living out of his car. It is sad that he has no home, no wife, and now no job. He has moved in with his son. 

Monday, September 26, 2005

Prince Charming en Espanol

I have been watching a Spanish version of two Prince Charmings who were looking for their Princesses. At the end, they both had two women to choose from. Two of the women had perfect bodies and they used their sexuality to conquer them.

"Una mujer bonita siempre tiene el terrano ganado nomas porque es bonita." ~ A pretty woman always has her territory won simply because she is pretty.

That is what all women are taught to believe from birth. We fight tooth and nail to look attractive, because we are taught that a pretty girl has her territory won, but that is not true. The Lord blessed me with beauty, but beauty has brought me tragedy, pain, and deepest despair. It is no wonder that I continue to hide myself behind the weight and that I continue to bury myself deep into the walls of the Glass Box.

The reality show surprised me, because it was not the women with the perfect bodies who won, and believe me, they used all of their seductions to win. To everybody's surprise, it was the chubby woman who works as a boxer in a boxing ring, the poorest of them all... Yes, she was the one who won the heart of the Prince. It was truly an unexpected Cinderella story but she was the one who had won his trust, the one whom he knew would be a good wife and mother, a sweet ending of hope for all of us hopeless romantics who secretly dream of a man who can look deep into our very soul and see us for the beauty that is within.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Win's Update

Who else but Tracy would ask if I have fallen off the face of the Earth! =.) I am surprised that I was missed, but most of all, I am grateful that you would think of moi.

My computer finally came out of the Geek Hospital, but unfortunately, everything I had in it has been erased. Sometimes I feel that it might be a blessing to have a few things erased from my mind, but alas, my memory includes the good, the bad, and the ugly, and if it were not for the bad and the ugly, how would we ever be able to tell what is good?!# It would be good to get more memory into my computer, but that is a huge chunk of $100.00 out of my pocket. Still, I have no idea how I was able to upgrade from AOL 5.0 to AOL 9.0. My computer says it is impossible for me to have 9.0 because my computer doesnt have enough memory, but look at me! I've got 9.0!

As per previous entry, my grandson has been in a rush to come into the world. After rushing his mother to the hospital for the forth time, the doctors could not hold him back any longer. The little man arrived at 11:57 a.m. on September 17, 2005, at a mere 5 lb 9oz. He is even smaller than his sister, who was also a premie. Unfortunately, because of my work schedule, I havent met him yet. Angel says he seems very advanced and very verbal and he is already trying to hold his head up. Makes me wonder what special purpose he has to fill in the world that he is so anxious to get right down to it.

The new company takes over in October. Everybody at work has already received their rehire letters except me. Some people have commented that they dont understand it, because I am very good at my job, I always get the most hires, and whatsmore, my boss is very dependent on the work that I do. With the new company there will be many changes and we will have to know every program, but if I dont get rehired, being without income will be more frightening than having to learn all of the programs. I wonder if I applied for the wrong thing.

The diet has not been a priority lately, because I have been more concerned if I will be employed or not, but it seems that I have lost five pounds on my one dollar diet! I have been eating three times a day, and pigging out from time to time, especially in the evening. The only difference is that at lunch time, I have been eating the double meat double cheese cheeseburger from McDonald's. I trick my mind into thinking that I am eating more by taking it apart, adding picante sauce, and eating one open-faced half at a time. Unfortunately, I could still stand to lose a lot more weight, but let's just take that one cheeseburger at a time; shall we?!

The idea came to mind, because when I go to the grocery store, I spend too much money. How can you spend $50 or more for groceries and run out of food every week?! Buying a McDonald cheeseburger daily, the sandwich is warm and prepared fresh, and I am spending $5.40 per week. Add the generic diet six-pack of soda from the grocery store and that's a total of $6.28 per week. Taking lunch got to be too expensive and spending only $6.28 a week is a drastic savings. That means there is more money for more luxurious things like toilet paper and gasoline for my car. 

My daughter commented the other day that she remembers how I used to watch for the lowest priced gasoline when she was a little girl. With gas prices at almost $3.00 a gallon, now she understands why.

Monday, September 12, 2005

News Flash

Big computer problems. Still trying to correct. Have tried to add entries but computer will not save them.

Grandson too anxious to come into the world. Daughter undergoing a difficult pregnancy and has been in the hosptial three times. She is on medication to stop the contractions but the medication is a threat to her own body.

We are at the end of our contract year. We have applied and interviewed to stay at our jobs, but to date, we do not know who will be picked up by the new company. We have been advised that people who get laid off or fired will not qualify for unemployment benefits.

Needless to say, I am still under a lot of stress. Because of money matters (possible loss of job and high cost of gasoline to get to work), low cost has become the priority in my diet and that is not always what is best for my body.