Friday, September 26, 2008

Trees In Love


I love this tree.

If you look close,

you will see

that the tree is a man and a woman

loving each other.

It has a bit of a black background

so if you need the white, let me know.

I haven't seen my daughter yet. 

I might get to see her & the children today.


From the Desk of Winivere:

J, I couldn't get into your journal.

Too much animation??

Remember I have dial-up!!!!

B, I have a bad picture of you.

If you want me to try to put your face

into the "Hello Bridget" tag,

plz send a better one.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cup Of Spa

Today would have been my father's birthday.
The road to the cemetery where he is buried
is on the same road that leads to Mother's home.
She has had to take
a different route to get here,
because the roads to her home
have been closed since Hurricane dolly...
I received a phone call from
my firstborn daughter yesterday.
She is coming to the Valley for a visit,
because her grandfather past away yesterday.
I was up most of the night
thinking about him.
It brought back a lot of feelings of
anger and injustice,
He and his wife hid my firstborn
from me for so many years.
Every time I would ask for her,
they refused to tell me where she was.
She was out of my life
from the age of six
until she paid money to find me.
Little did I know that
she was living with them!
Makes me angry
that we lost out on her childhood
& that they made her believe
that I didn't want her.
I was up last night,
thinking about their visit
& trying to find the bag
where I put some things for the children.
Thank God I found it! Yay!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


1- What are your initials? (It's a secret! LOL)

2- What is your favorite thing to wear? Smile

3- Last thing you ate? catfish

4- Name one thing that scares you: dependence

5- I say Shotgun, you say: wedding (also scary!LOL)

6- Do you have a pillowtop mattress? No

7- What were you doing at 7:00 am? cleaning beans

8- Last person you hugged? Mother

9- Does anyone you know want to date you? No, they just want sex. LOL

10- Do you shop online? No.

11- Have you ever driven without a license? Yes. I was a single parent. Sometimes, we have to do what we have to do.

12- The last place you went out to dinner? a steakhouse when I went to camp this summer. The director paid.

13- Do you like your name? LOL... YES!

14- What time is it? 3:08 p.m. (Central Time)

15- Who/What made you angry today? no one

16- Baseball or Football? Football

17- Coffee, Tea, Soda or Water? Margarita. LOL or Crystal Light grapefruit. Yumm...

18- Do you like birds? YES! I have a cockatiel.

19- Favorite holiday? Halloween =.)

20- Do you download music? No

21- Do you care if your socks are dirty? YES!!!

22- Opinion of Chinese symbol tattoos? Awesome!

24- Do you like to cuddle? depends who it is!!!! LOL

25- Do you love someone special? All the people I love are special. =.)

26- What show did you watch last night? Dona Barbara

27- Have you ever bungee-jumped? Heck No..Can't Pay Me Enough 2 Do

28- Have you ever gone whitewater-rafting? No

29- Has anyone ten years older than you ever hit on you? Yes. It's disgusting. Show me the young studs! LOL

30- How many pets do you have?  I already told you! I have a cockatiel. =.)

31- Have you met a real redneck? Unfortunately! LOL

32- How is the weather right now? It has been raining off & on today.

33- What are you listening to right now? The fan... grrr @ noisy

34- What is your current favorite song? No current song has struck my fancy lately.

35- What was the last movie you watched? It's hard to remember. I don't go to the movies any more,mostly because I live in the Valley... but I buy the videos if they sound good or have won awards. 

36- Do you wear contacts? I cannot afford them right now, but I would if I could. I like the green ones because they make me look more like my father.

37- Do you drive? hello! I'm single! Of course I drive!!

38- Grits or oatmeal/cream of wheat? Oatmeal

39- What's one thing you've learned this year? To be conservative with my money.

40- What do you usually order from Starbucks? I don't go there, but if I am in Corpus Christi, I will order an Ice Mocha with whip cream, chocolate chips, cinnamon & nutmeg from Half-Price Books Store. Yummm!

41- Ever had someone sing to you? Yes. I have had a man serenade me in front of my window. Too bad I didn't like the guy. LOL

42- Have you ever fired a gun? wish I could say yes to this. LOL... Where is that shotgun you were talking about earlier?!# LOL

43- Are you missing someone? No. I am all here. LOL

44- Favorite TV show? Dona Barbara

45- What do you have an obsession with? PSP

46- Has anyone ever said you looked like or reminded them of a celeb? Yes, Laura from General Hospital, Dolly Parton, Bette Midler. I think that is funny because they all look different! LOL... I do see a resemblance to Dolly Parton in the movie "Straight Talk," though, but then, that was when I was slimmer! LOL

47- Sausage Patties or Links? Bacon LOL

48- Who would you like to see right now? Richard Gere, of course! LOL

49- Ever had a near death experience? YES! But I came back as myself. grrrr... LOL

50- Are you afraid of falling in love? YES!!!!!! It is very scary. Can I change my answer on # 4 above?!!!!!!!#

51- Have you ever been caught doing something you weren't suppose to? YES!!!!!!! Thank you for noticing!!!! LOL

52- Favorite smell? Gardenia

53- Butter, plain, or salted popcorn? Popcorn with Chile

54- Ever put a friend in a cop car on JukePix? No

55- Ever been in a cop car?... Hello! I am a Criminal Justice major... but of course!!!!!!!! & I also dated a cop. S-E-X-Y!!!

56- Coke or Pepsi? Margarita!!!!!!! LOL

57- Our Lady Peace or Nickelback? ???????

58- What's something that really bugs you (besides these surveys)? not finding a job yet!!! GRRRRR

59- Do you like Michael Jackson? He has made a lot of wrong choices but that is what happens to some people who grow up abused and without direction. His music and his talent is fantastic. Too bad things turned out the way they did.

60- Taco Bell or Burger King? Red Lobster! LOL

61- Next time you will kiss someone? don't know but I am puckering up already just in case! LOL

62- Favorite College Team? Notre Dame

63- Favorite Pro Team?  N/A

64- Favorite Celebs? Marilyn Monroe & Richard Gere

65- What's the longest time you've gone without sleep? When I was working a suicide case. I was up for 48 hours. Grrrrrrr...

66- Last time you went bowling? Good grief! It was when I was still working with the mentally-ill. My boss took us bowling and he got scolded for it. LOL

67- Where is the weirdest place you have slept? in the parking lot at Wal-Mart. All my friends were out of town. Grrrrrr

68- Who was your last phone call? I called the employment office.

69- What does your last received text message say? N/A

70- Have a great day!... you, too!!!!!!!! xoxo

A Leaf Falls- E.E.Cummings

I love Autumn...
but alas, the only
"changing of the leaves" Autumn I see
is in picture books
or on my tags!
I can hardly wait
for the weather to get crisp.
I am so excited
to be on the same page as Fly Lady this week!
Well, in the same Zone, anyway...
This week, we are in the Bedroom...
my catch-all! Yikes! LOL...
The apartments I lived in before
had lots of storage space...
which is important,
especially because
I don't have bedroom furniture
to put my things in...
I wish it was the same in this apartment...
but it's not...
I have decided to move my bed to the
commanding side of the room.
That means that my headboard
will be in the South...
& I will be facing North.
I wonder if that is bad Feng Shui...
Mother never liked the headboard on the South.
She always sleeps with her head at the North.
I like my headboard on the West
because I like to wake up
towards the Sun
which comes up in the East...
The good thing about
moving my headboard to the South
is that it will be against a wall
which is good Feng Shui
& there will be more room
on the North wall
where I would like to place
a chair
& turn it into a
little "comfort" corner
for reading, meditating
& listening to music...
When I was at Wal-Mart,
I saw a 3-drawer chest of drawers
for $50.00.
It is in a box that is small enough
to fit into my car (very important),
Bringing it up the stairs
will be tricky
because the box is heavy,
so I would have to open the box
& separate the pieces
to bring it up the stairs.
The box says it is easy to assemble.
The drawers are not fancy
but it would be nice to have a place
to store my things...
Oh, yes!
It is on my Wish list...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Bunny

I don't usually run errands on Monday
but I had to pay the light bill
before they turn my lights off
and I had to get some toilet paper and light bulbs...
When I was standing in line to pay my bill,
a woman dropped a penny on the floor.
Those of you who know me
know that a penny is very precious to me...
Normally, I would have told her
that she dropped a penny on the floor
and she would have picked it up herself
or let it go...
but this time,
I sacrificed bending down
to pick it up for her,
which you may know is a hard thing
for me to do
because of my back problems...
... but ah! @ my little random act of kindness!!!
When I was at Wal-Mart,
it was as if I was in a totally unknown store.
because they didn't just move one department around...
They moved the entire floor around!
Grr @ trying to find things...
especially because they weren't finished
and the signs were in the wrong places!!!
A man came up to me
to ask me where he could find a pen
that has all of the colors in one.
I don't work at Wal-Mart,
but I saw the cards
so we went to look for the pen.
I found him the very last pen they had!!!
LOL @ he said he never would have found it
and that the people from Wal-Mart
were not very helpful!
He said that women are like pens~
Some only write in one color,
but I am the kind of woman who
has all the colors!
LOL @ that was cute.
Then, a woman approached me
to ask me where the toilets were
so I gave her directions to get there.
OMG @ do all people think
I work at Wal-Mart? LOL
So the man was surprised
that the woman had asked me
where the toilets were,
even though I don't work there.
He said I have the kind of personality
that just naturally attracts people...
men and women...
and makes them feel comfortable.
What a nice compliment!
So I made three
random acts of kindness 
in one day! Yay!
I want to always be a blessing
wherever I go....
P. S...
LOL @ people leaving comments
that I shoul go work for Wal-Mart.
You faile to rea
about my back problems supra...
not to mention my legs & my hip...
I have fallen four times since I have been in the Valley.
There is no way I can
physically work at Wal-Mart
thank you for your enthusiasm!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Beauty Sleep

As I lay there sleeping,
she leaned in closer... 
I could feel her watching over me.
Her gaze was so intense
that it woke me up...
How did she get here?
How did she find me?!
Because of where my apartment
is located,
it is a total impossibility...
but there she was!
She was looking for me!
The moment I saw her,
I couldn't go back to sleep...
It seemed only minutes,
but we visited for hours...
There she was... smiling at me...
I could not believe that she came to me...
A feeling of complete surprise
filled my entire being with happiness and peace
just to see her there...
knowing that she had made a special trip
just to check in on me to see how I am doing...
It was as if she was saying,
How have you been?
Why haven't you come out to see me?
I have missed you...
Oh, I have missed you, too, my friend...
The alarm went off
but she did not leave.
The light of day
came through my window...
The people of the world were rushing
to be on their way...
but she was still there...
She didn't go away...
She continued to stay...
It was 7:00 and she was still there...
It was 7:30 and she was still there...
Oh, what a beautiful visit we had
until she finally went to sleep...
Thank you for visiting me,
my friend.
I promise I will visit you soon...
Mother Moon.
This happened Thursday morning.
I just had to write about it!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hello, Bridget!

expressing a little Halloween Spirit.
This tag was a headache to make!
I tried to animate it,
but the animation made it really distorted!
I am making two entries today
so don't forget to check out
my other entry for a tag offer.
I am upset that my phone
has not made a sound all week,
but on Saturday, I got three phone calls!
Is that what I pay my phone bill for?! LOL
The first phone call was from my aunt.
(the one everyone says I look like)
Actually, I think she is my only living aunt now.
She says she was
diagnosed with breast cancer in June.
Fortunately, they caught it in time
& didn't have to remove her breast.
She says she has two more treatments to go
& then, she will be on a pill
for five years...
I have not heard from my aunt
since I lived at my house
in Corpus Christi...
OMG @ that was almost
20 years ago...
I wonder how she got my number.
Wish I could hug her
but she lives in Michigan.
The second phone call was from
the birthday girl.
My daughter turned 30 on Saturday.
My grandson turned 3 on Thursday
so she threw him
a birthday party at the park.
When I spoke to her on the phone,
Guy told her that he wanted
to talk to Nana.
I was in shock at how clear
his words are!
He told me all about his party.
He sounded so excited & so happy!
He said he ate cake,
 that he rode the train,
& that he got a lot of little box cars.
OMG @ we actually held a conversation!
Oh @ how they grow up so fast...
Wish I could have been there
but we were unable to go.
The last call came after 10 p.m.
so I thought it was Daniel but
it was from my prodigal daughter. <<LOL
She recently moved to Austin
and they moved right across the street
from where her husband works
so he can just walk across the street
to get to work!
Wow! Awesome!

The Mask

This tag takes me back to an old entry that won some recognition by AOL... I am disappointed that this year my journal was not nominated for anything at all... Creating tags has helped me to deal with the stress of being without a job for over a year, but I really should focus more on my writing, because I would really like to write and illustrate a book someday.... This is the 2007 entry...

She was a poet on a street corner, trying to recite to a crowd pulling at her clothes. ~Arthur Miller/ playwright & ex-husband of Marilyn Monroe

Sweet Norma Jeane, always smiling, always hiding her sadness behind the mask of Marilyn Monroe...

It seems impossible that such a beautiful woman could be so unhappy in her private life. It doesn't seem possible that the image the world had of her never allowed the public to see the intelligent woman that she was... the woman who loved to read and write poems.

Marilyn's career took off so quickly that she never took the time to work on her problems until the latter years of her life. Perhaps if she had started earlier, she would have had more of a chance, and she would have been stronger for it. Many people think she committed suicide, but I think she was murdered, because she knew too much.

When I was a child, I wanted to be an artist, but the world took me in the opposite direction... I remember working in an office during the day, but at night, I was a volunteer for an organization called "Crisis Intervention."

Counseling came very natural to me, and I was very good at it. Many people think that counseling is about giving advice, but if you are giving someone advice, you are not counseling. You are giving advice, and you cannot do that in counseling. It became very clear to me that I had found my life's calling, but it was also the beginning of my journey of self-discovery, a kind of self-therapy and knowledge that helped me to work through so much anger and pain from my childhood of abuse, sexual abuse, and abandonment. 

I have been very fortunate to have lived my life alone, because life has taught me many hard and difficult lessons that I probably never would have learned otherwise. 

Like Marilyn, I pour myself into my work to compensate for the love that I have never had from my mother or from a man. I have had many jobs since those days at "Crisis Intervention." I thank my grandfather for teaching me the power of work, for it is my work that sustains me, no matter how difficult or stressful. I thank God for my work and for the many people who have come into my life with a cry for help for their problems. Helping others has always helped me to take my worries off of myself.

But living in the Valley has been like rolling off a cliff. Yes, I feel that I am making a difference where God has planted me, but my heart cries to return to Corpus Christi where I can be closer to my children and far away from the criticism of a mother who will never love me or accept me... and my body cries to be healthy and fit. 

Being beautiful can be just as lonely and just as painful as being ugly and fat. ~ Winivere

So sorry if this entry is sad. I hope it's sadness doesn't take away from the beauty of the tag... Remember that the entry was written in April of last year... My relationship with Mother is better now & she has finally said that she loves me!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

LOVE quote by Lao Tze

I love quotes by Lao Tze!!!
Did you know that he wrote the following quote?!
Give a man a fish,
you'll feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish,
you'll feed him for a lifetime.
I think the reason why
I am still without a job
is because of Mother.
Mother and I have never been close.
She has always thought that
because I live in an apartment
I live a life of luxury
and have everything I need.
I think she is finally beginning to see
that my living as a tenant
keeps me at the mercy of the landlord. 
My being without a job for so long
has opened her eyes about me
and it has brought us
She has even started
to tell me:
I love you!
and it only took 54 years!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Miss September

Me & my fantasies!
LOL @ check out the straight hair
& my new body.
I love you,
Richard Gere!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fall For Some Fun

How is this for a change?! LOL... Don't you just LOVE the Addams Family?!

Well, it looks as if my Horoscope was right about cleaning my apartment! I stayed in yesterday, because it was raining hard, so I didn't know that the pest control man would be showing up today! Grrr....

Good thing that I cleaned and vacuumed yesterday. What I didn't finish, I just took to the bedroom and closed the door! LOL...  and  I mopped the kitchen and bathroom floors.

The bad thing is that he only brought the spray, and he didn't have the paste with him. He said he would come back another day, but he would not say when. I hate that because I don't like for people to come into my apartment when I am not here. The people from these apartments are so nosey. I hate that!


Monday, September 15, 2008

Reflections Of Marilyn

 OMG @
it is still
Hurricane Ike!!!  
I hope Mother
doesn't get more flooding
at her place!
I lived
my LIFE by candlelight
so I only cleaned
the bathroom.
Thank God
for the $ store!
I am surprised that
I still have enough beans
for two more days
from the batch I prepared
two weekends ago!
It has been a financial blessing
to eat the way
my Grandparents use to...
Back to the Job Search!
Blessings sent your way
for a fabulous WEEK!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Life Began In A Garden

This looks as if Marilyn
is enjoying
a lovely Sunday afternoon
in her Garden...
I wish I had a garden
to sit in...
You can't find a garden anymore,
not even at the City Park.
Don't people believe in gardens
I wasn't too fond of this
floral tube
when it came through my in-box,
perhaps because
it is the wrong season
for it!
But today,
I got it to look like tapestry!
The more I play with PSP,
the more I learn!
Hope I can remember
how I made it,
just in case I want to make
something similar.
My horoscope said
I need to clean house.
LOL @ no garden to sit in,
so I better get to it...
P.S. OMG @
I thought we had missed the
after effects of
Hurricane Ike
but it is R-A-I-N-I-N-G

Friday, September 12, 2008

Open Arms

I don't usually say what I apply for,
but yesterday, I had an interview
for a Parole Officer...
I applied for this job in January
so I never thought they would call me...
When I got the call, I thought to myself,
Lord, why did I apply for this job?!
It will put me back
in danger's way...
the answer came...
He commands us to do
what we cannot do
without His help.
I wore the suit that
dress for Success gave me
and fought with my hair as much as I could!
When I got there,
I was sitting in the waiting room
with all the parolees...
Then, the receptionist took me
to the room in the back...
This is what was written on the wall:
To offer clients,
not only the opportunity
to redirect their lives, but
to give them the tools
and teach them the skills
that will forge and
illuminate their path.
This is what my resume says:
A position in human relations
that empowers people
to strengthen their lives
and become productive members
of society.
I felt as if I was in the right place...
and my fears went away...
The woman who interviewed me
looked at me strangely at first...
but after awhile, I felt comfortable with her.
After all the research
I did about parole officers,
I was surprised that she didn't ask me
anything that had to do
with Criminal Justice!
She said that there is
no job opening
at this time,
but if they should call me again,
I passed security clearance
and will be offered employment.
I hope I answered her questions correctly.
If I get the job,
I will go to the Parole academy
at the Prison for six weeks...
When I got home,
I was exhausted!
OMG @ I slept for three hours!
I guess the interview hit me hard,
With God,
all things are possible.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

911 Tribute

Sharing my
911 Tribute
before I go to my Interview...
::: Oh so nervous!!! :::

Big Interview

Just a brief note:

I have an important interview scheduled for today at 11:30 a.m. (central time). I am very nervous, because I have never applied for a position like this. It is a position of great power, and I don't know what kind of questions they will ask. 

With great power comes great responsibility. ~ Spiderman

... He commands to do what we cannot do without his help.

Please keep me in your prayers this morning.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tears Are Summer Showers

Just dropping by with another
tag challenge
that I made in my group.
It is already
in some of my friends' journals
so I guess it is time to post it
in mine!
The white background
is also available
but you have to ask for it.
There have been a lot
of hurricanes
this hurricane season.
We got a lot of rain
on Monday
and it rained a little bit
Hope Mother is O. K.
Looks as if
Hurricane Ike
is gonna miss us...
but just barely...
Tomorrow is my big interview
for a job
that I do not know if I can do,
so please keep me in your prayers.
Thank you so much
for being a part
of my little world.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Throwing in a little Marilyn today.
I love this picture of her hugging a tree...
Guess when there is no human around,
I could do that! LOL
The white background is also available...
Wish my readers
would just get a black background
for their journals!
Well, this weekend,
I was going to do some serious
Crisis 101 Cleaning
in the Living Areas...
I was in the kitchen
all day Saturday!
And on Sunday...
well, I just didn't feel like cleaning!
I hate having a little kitchen
with little storage space,
because I have to take everything
out of the oven
in order to use it!
Pots & Pans all over the floor!
It just makes another mess!!
So, I made some beans
and smashed them,
made some Spanish rice, too.
I separated everything into baggies
put everything in the freezer
for this week...
Throw this girl
a steak
I have too many cake mix boxes
leftover from when
I used to decorate cakes.
Most of them are expired
so I made cupcakes
and put them in the freezer, too.
I like this idea for a single person,
because you can take them out
one at a time
and take them on the go
or pack them with your lunch!
I was antsy yesterday,
because I couldn't use the computer all day.
I couldn't use it, because
I was waiting on a phone call
from a friend,
who is one of my references,
and it took him all day to call me back.
Grrr @ I needed to do some Job Searches!
he says an employer is checking me out!
Wish it was for a job I really want...
but any job is ok
at this point,
I am desperate!
I am a desperate job seeker!
that is better
than being

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cool Breeze

Well, it looks as if I am really behind
with my stories about camp
and the only time I wrote in my journal this week
was on Monday!
So... to get caught up and put a close to this week,
here is my Friday dish!
My week started out with a bang on Labor day.
I got a lot of things done that day
and I had a good hair day! LOL
received some nice compliments
about the tags that I made this week.
It is so nice when people compliment your work,
especially because
I am not even a PSP toddler yet, (lol)
and everything I make is still thru
trial and error! LOL 
Thank you so much for the encouragement!
Makes me happy!
The rest of the week,
I have been struggling at looking for work.
I guess some weeks it is just easier than others.
But I got a phone call for an interview next week
for a job that I applied for on or about January...
What month is it? lol
I love multi-grain bread
or jalapeno garlic cheese bread
with a good salad...
but it is so expensive, so...
in trying to save money,
I have been making tortillas instead.
I have discovered that I can eat a lot of
store bought corn tortillas,
but they do not fill me up
unless if they are lots of enchiladas or beef tacos.
When I make flour tortillas,
I can feel full with a taco made with only one tortilla
or with a meal using only one tortilla.
Home made tortillas taste better and cost less
that buying store bought flour tortillas.
Also, after you've made your batch,
all you have to do is fill it with food
and fold it loosely in a paper towel to heat it up
and this saves on washing dishes! lol
The problem is that Mother showed up this week
and I gave her the tortillas I made
so now I have to make more. lol
She is still having problems from the flooding.
I don't think FEMA wants to help her
because she lives in humble conditions.
Shocking; isn't it?!
I feel bad that I don't have a job
so that I can help her.
I have been feeling a little down
because I haven't found a job yet...
I thank God for taking care of me for the past year,
and I trust Him to continue to do so,
but a human can't help but worry sometimes!
My apartment continues to be in CHAOS!
Before I found FLY Lady,
I had been working on a book idea
to get myself organized.
That idea is still in my head
but it hasn't been perfected yet...
as you can tell by continued complaints
in My Friday Dish! lol
I decided to try FLY Lady's way
to see if I could match it to my ideas...
but I guess my mind continues to rebel
because I want to make it my own plan, so...
I am going to change things up a bit
to match with my original ideas
so it will be easier to remember
what to do
on what day!
According to FLY Lady,
weekends are your days off from Housekeeping
to enjoy time with your family
and to Renew Your Spirit...
but this weekend,
I will have to focus on some serious
Crisis Cleaning
and decluttering boogie!
this is one of my favorite tags
that I made this week.
I hope you will like it, too.
And to the newbies to my Journal:
My creations are snaggable
except for when I say
Please don't snag this one!
and that's usually because
it is a personal tag.
I am still waiting for someone
to PIMP my journal
so I can share my creations with others.
Have a Great Weekend!