Thursday, August 28, 2008

He Makes My Heart Flutter

I got an email from Sybil today
that she couldn't post a comment
so I made a test run on last entry...
LOL @ I had to go all the way up to the top
to save my comment
because the button went all the way
to the top.
Grrr @ AOL
Will test this entry
to see
if the problem is resolved!
P. S.
White Background Marilyn
also available.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pushing Daisies

OK... back to camp...
Like I said,
we trained and prepared for two days
before the campers showed up...
This year, the theme was Hollywood movies...
We decorated the General Session room
with huge poster boards of the Oscar,
we put down a red carpet leading to the stage,
and we hung long silver fringe from
the "door of fame."
There was a huge TV screen at the front
and the guys set up a great sound system.
The name of my family group was
I was surprised at how
my poster came out
because we were on a time limit to finish up.
(I swear I only draw once a year
when I go to camp.)
At camp, staffers are usually provided
with two free T-Shirts,
which was great
because I didn't take enough clothes;
The dryer wasn't working at my apartment;
We always wear the loudest shirt
when the campers come,
so we wore the Pink one...
but I poured on some of
Leah's box of goodies...
a superhero cape,
a boa,
a large peace sign necklace,
and super big sunglasses on my head
not to mention
the glow sticks secured to my wrists!
Our goal on the first day is to act so crazy
that the kids wonder what they got themselves into
~ banging on the bus windows~
~ screaming at the top of our lungs~
~ forcing ourselves into their buses,
The bad thing is that
it was raining really hard
when the kids showed up!
I got caught in the rain
and that is how I got sick
but there was so much to do
that there was no time to be sick...
We were covered up in ponchos,
acting & looking crazy, 
We walked the kids into registration,
covering them from the rain
with umbrellas
& helping them with their luggage...
One of the girls
that was in my family group last year
showed up at camp this year!
I tapped her on the shoulder
and she turned around.
We looked at each other
and we screamed at each other,
 jumping up and down
like there was no tomorrow!
After lunch, we began at General Session.
Staffers were introduced
 by family group name
with previews of the Hollywood movie.
I ran through the
door of fame,
with my co-fac,
ran up the red carpet towards the stage
with glow sticks secure around my wrists,
superhero cape flying,
making Spiderman moves & sounds...
My Spiderman poster was waiting at the front.
We grabbed the poster and posed for the camera,
as I continued to make Spiderman moves & sounds.
The crowd went wild.
LOL @ there was still talk
about my entrance on the last day of camp!
We were busy all day
with group sessions and meetings.
We had two family groups every day
and one Action Planning session that day.
At the first family group,
we had games to learn each other's names 
and we made Warm Fuzzy bags.
I explained to the kids how we would be using them
and I did a briefing about
what we planned to accomplish that week...
On the second family group,
I had the kids do the Trust Walk,
where one kid is the leader,
some are blindfolded
and some are not.
No one talks except the leader.
Everyone took turns at all the roles.
Then, we processed it
and discussed leadership observations.
I am the only staffer who does the Trust Walk,
but I love it and the kids learn a lot from it.
I was disappointed not to get Mary K
 in my family group,
but she was in my Action Planning group!
In Action Planning,
we show them the process to develop a plan
and they prepare the plan
of what they will do
to make a difference in their community.
By Thursday, the plan is complete
and it is presented to their sponsor for approval.
The Night Activity was a Scavenger Hunt.
We had a list of things
the kids had to find or create
based on what they brought with them.
I was blown away 
at how the kids put their heads together
to be so creative
for the things they didn't have!
For example, for bling bling,
they took the sparkly blue foil of a piece of gum,
put it on their teeth,
and smiled from ear to ear
at the judges..
The judges let out a big laugh!
They couldn't stop laughing
so they gave us a lot of points.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kodak Moment

A little variation using the little monkey.
LOL @ I love this little guy...  
Thank you for keeping
in your prayers...
(see previous entry)  
I have an interview tomorrow @ 8:00 a.m.
(hope I can get there in time)
 & an application to drop off...  
Please keep me in your prayers, too.
P. S.
In the local news,
an 800-lb woman is accused of
killing her 2-year-old nephew
by hitting him on the head twice
& crushing his head
by sitting on him.
The jail can only hold
a 500-lb person
so she is under house arrest.


Going Bananas

Sorry I am behind in my writing...
LOL @ I'm going bananas!
Mother was one of the victims
of the flooding
and it keeps raining..,
so she has been battling
with FEMA.
FEMA doesn't want to help her.
they went to inspect her home.
Please say a little prayer
for her to get approved.
Will write more later...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday FUN!



Alphabet Survey

A is for age:  It's funny how they couldn't be more creative with the letter A!
B is for beer of choice: I only use beer to cook shrimp & onion rings or as a rinse for my hair.
C is for career right now: desperately seeking j-o-b
D is for your dog's name: I have a bird. She is a widow, because she assassinated her husband. Her name is Tidbit. When I had a dog, her name was Betty Davis, because she had Betty Davis eyes. LOL
E is for essential item you use every day: toilet paper! LOL
F is for favorite TV show at the moment:  Nothing. I live in the Valley! If  you don't like Spanish stations, you better have some DVDs.
G is for favorite game: Tied Up In Knots
H is for hometown: Corpus Christi, Texas
I is for instruments you play: guitar sort of LOL
J is for favorite juice: pomegrante
K is for whose butt you'd like to kick: myself for not finding a job yet. sigh
L is for last restaurant you ate at: a steakhouse in New Braunfels, TX
M is for marriage: grrr @ that word should only have four letters
N is for Number of Piercing's: six (ears)
O is for overnight hospital stay: two babies, four surgeries, car accident, overnight sleep study
P is for people you were with today: just strangers
Q is for what you do with your quiet time: sleep!
R is for biggest regret: allowing myself to get fat... grrrrr
S is for status: available
T is for time you woke up today: 6:00 a.m.
U is for if you are unique: There is no one like me.
V is for vegetable you love: broccoli, corn on the cob, potato, tomatoes, green beans, baby carrots...
W is for worst habit: I love food. LOL
X is for x-rays you've had: every part of my body!!!
Y is for yummy food you ate today: icing LOL
Z is for zodiac sign: Cancer (July 19)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Check Him Out!

Sunday and Monday,
were spent in training
and preparation
before the campers showed up...
The days at camp are long.
We wake up early
and we are still having meetings
until about one in the morning...
On Sunday,
my co-fac wanted to plan
all the family sessions
all at once... grrr...
I was so sleepy that
I just agreed to whatever
she wanted...
What I love about camp
is that it's kind of like a reunion
to able to see people
that were there last year...
and every new person is
welcomed and accepted...
It's kind of going to that place
where everybody knows your name.
When it came time
to divy up the Condos,
I was happy to discover
that I had my own room
and my own private bath...
All the other girls
had to share,
some were three to a room...
I thought a Condo
was something fancy...
but it was more like an apartment.
It just sounds fancy.
What they failed to tell me is
that I had to share the Condo with
five-and-a-half men!
The living room was pretty dark
when I came out of my room
that Monday morning...
I thought it was Joseph
sitting on the couch...
but it didn't make sense...
Why would Joseph
be sitting there... in the dark...
in our living room...
with his eyes wide-open?!
As I got closer,
I noticed that it was Chris...
but we hadn't been properly introduced
That evening I was up later than usual,
because I went into another condo
to use my co-fac's computer
to do some job searches.
When I went back to my Condo,
Travis was sitting at the table,
making notebooks
with two girls...
They were busy flirting,
and it was late,
so I decided to go to bed...
I dragged myself into my bedroom,
put things away,
and started towards the bathroom...
The bathroom was dark...
and once again,
those eyes were staring at me...
Chris was sitting on the toilet
in my bathroom!
I let out a yell
and ran back to where Travis was!
Thank God, Erienne went back in
to get Chris out of my bathroom!
Chris' visits that morning
and that evening were pranks
from the guys
to scare me!
Thank God
they were not around
to catch my yell!
Stupid Chris
is the
"half man"...
His eyes look so
 in the dark!

Short Entry

I am presently at the Employment Center, so this will be a brief entry... Just a note to say that I was not able to add an entry yesterday because the "add entry" button was not visible... Did anyone else have that problem yesterday?! I hope I will be able to go in later today...


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cute as a BUTTON

It all started on a Friday,
this trip of FAITH!
I quickly threw things into a suitcase
that morning,
completely clueless of what was ahead...
Because the dryer was not working,
I didn't take enough clothes
and only three pairs of underwear...
I had planned to stop in Corpus Christi
to rest that night,
but my friend was out of town,
celebrating her mom's birthday...
I hadn't seen Lil since I lived in Corpus Christi,
which was about 18 years ago...
We got caught up on all the news
of what has happened
since we saw each other last...
Lil left me
feeling totally naked
because she cut nine inches
off my hair...
I told her I wanted it cut to the bra line
but she said I would have to wear
my bra higher.
but Lil is the only one
who knows how to cut my hair...
and she touched up my highlights on the top, too..
She put a lot of work into my hair...
but when the bill came,
I  was very surprised that
she gave me a break on the price!
I do not know  if I am
cute as a button...
but my hair does look a lot healthier...
OMGG @ to top it off,
she took me in for the night
and she fed me!
She hadn't gone to the grocery store,
so we had eggs for supper
and toasted bread with
peanut butter and jelly
for breakfast...
Yay @
how God works
to provide for me!
On Saturday morning,
I got on the road towards San Antonio...
I had planned to see my daughter in SA,
but she was out of town...
So off I went into the unknown...
It seemed easy enough to get there without a map,
but no one mentioned Hwy 46 & 133...
I had to keep making U-Turns to get there
but I was the first one to arrive...
The good thing about that
is that I had a chance to play 
hopping from bed to bed,
until I found the bed that was just right!
People started coming in shortly thereafter...
We all slept on bunk beds in a little casita...
It was awfully crowded and awfully cold...
I was upset at myself for not bringing a blanket...
and I had forgotten my camera, too...
That night, we got into three vehicles
to go out to eat...
I was a bit nervous about the high prices,
because for the cost of a meal there,
I could probably buy close
to a week's worth of groceries...
I kept looking for the cheapest prices,
but even sandwiches and hamburgers
were expensive...
But then our leader said that
it was his treat...
so all of the guys ordered steak
which was at about $15 a pop,
just for the meal...
not counting drinks...
They ordered appetizers and dessert, too...
OMG @ there were at least twenty of us...
I didn't feel right about ordering
the most expensive things on the menu,
so I ordered the
water with lemon
It was very good and it wasn't too much food.
As Goldilocks  would have said...
it was just right...
Reagan was feeling hot,
so she put her head down on the table.
Then, JC got Heather to put stuff
into Reagan's Sprite...
lots of salt, pepper, sugar...
OMGG @ I was so nervous for her...
and then, he made a toast
to get Reagan to drink the "poison"...
but Reagan didn't notice
any change in the Sprite...
so then, he called a race to see
who could finish their drink the fastest...
No change...
So he got Heather to add more stuff...
to another Sprite...
and challenged her again,
but still...
no change...
OMGG @ Reagan never noticed a thing...
but she drank so much Sprite
that she couldn't eat her food
when it came...
Reagan was never told
about what happened that night...
Even her sister kept it a secret....
Then we got the news...
We would be assigned to condos on Sunday!
I was very excited,
because I have never been in a condo before...
I kept wondering what it would look like
and if I would have a roommate...

Monday, August 18, 2008

Embrace Your Inner Princess

Hello, Everyone!
I am just popping-in
to post one of the
"cutesy" tags
that I made before I left.
Thank you so much
for all the
:::spirit sprinkles:::
that you sent my way!
I am feeling the
awwwwww ...
Heaven knows why I chose
this "cutesy" tag first
and so do I!!!
I was a Princess
in my own little Kingdom!
I had myown bedroom
with a private bath
I shared a Condo
with five-and-a-half men!
Will write more later...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Quickie =.P

Hello, Everyone!

Just a QUICKIE to let you know I had to take lots of U-Turns, but I got here safe! LOL

Keep me in your prayers!!


Thursday, August 7, 2008

::Spreading My WINGS:::

Like I said in previous entry,
all of the tags we made in the graphic group
this week were cutesy...
so I am putting this one in first
because it goes with my Entry.
I have no idea how I am going to get to camp
It's a long trip and all I have is a map,
but I am trusting in the Lord
to get me there.
I will be leaving in the morning...
and if things go as planned...
I should be back by the 17th.
Please keep in your prayers
for a safe trip.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

If You Can... You Can...

This week, the group has us making
cutesy tags,
so here is a little bit of Marilyn
before I get cutesy.
My horoscope said to stop draining myself
of all my energy and chill
I would be dangerous today!
I woke up all ready to face the day...
I still have so much to do...
The dryer still is not working!
My best friend will be out of town this weekend!
My daughter will also be out of town this weekend!
That means that
if I go,
I might not have clean clothes for camp...
and I will have to drive all the way straight
instead of stopping halfway to rest overnight.
The people from camp are calling
to ask what day I will be coming to camp.
I really want to go...
If God wants me to go,
He will make it so...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Research proves
that a home that is too clean
will give you Irritable Bowel syndrome...
OMGG @ another excuse to stop
trying to get your home
too clean!
maybe they are right
when they say
"Housework kills."
Used to be that you could
take a white glove
to my home any time...
...on any day...
my second child was born!
She would  tug at my skirt
and say,
"Sit down, mommy...
and hug me!"
This little girl with all the cats
reminds me 
of when she was a little girl.
She was always
so affectionate,
so loving...
always looking for
something or someone
to hug...
She was the first person
who ever loved me!
She was the first person
who ever showed me
what REAL love is...
What a miracle we have
in children!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Taste LIFE

Who was the last person or object you shared beds with? If I told you, I'd have to kill you! LOL
What was your last fight about and with who? I am not a fighter.
Do you consider yourself a neat freak? Not since I had kids. LOL
Do you have anyone's clothes? No, but a guy gave me his shirt once.
What's your relationship with the person you last texted? I don't do the text thang...
Do you have a fish tank? NEGATIVO
Last place you took a plane to? I think it was a trip to Central America.
Would you tell a stranger if they had spinach in their teeth? YES, especially if he is HOT. lol
If you found out you couldn't have kids, would you adopt?  Well, I already had them; didn't I?! LOL... I don't want any more kids. Thank you.
What is your preferred method of birth control? No palito, no bebito. LOL
Have you ever lied about your age? Always (in person) but not On-Line.
Ever had an encounter with the police? YES, but the story is too juicy to share. LOL
Last time you went out of town? Four miles from here is out of town. LOL
Whose car were you in last? MINE
Who do you most look like in your family? My aunt Alicia. 
Have you kissed someone with braces? NO... that would REALLY be robbing the cradle. LOL
Do you have a hard time admitting you're wrong? NO 
Do you like to travel by plane? Sure, after a couple of little drinks. LOL
Did you get enough sleep last night? No
Have you ever made out in a bathroom? Yes. Oops did I admit to that? LOL
Has anyone ever hung up on you? YES, but not intentionally.
Looking forward to something this weekend? Camp... if I find a way to go.
Has anyone smoked in your car? Not that I know of, but I do cough a lot in my car so maybe previous owner? (I'm allergic.)
Do you have any bruises? No.
Do you find piercings attractive? NOT ON MEN
Who was the last person you sat next to? my brother LOL
What is the worst subject they teach at school? I liked school. It was the kids who were mean.
If you had 100 dollars to spend on clothes, where would you go to shop? I have no idea. I hate shopping in the Valley.
Do long distance relationships work? It's possible but sometimes close distance relationship don't work either!
How do you earn money? by working for it. LOL
Where were you raised? That's just geography.
When was the last time you talked to your number 1? WHO IS MY NUMBER ONE, LOL. 
What is on your bed rightnow? Sheets, pillows, a book (I think)
Do you name your stuffed animals? I have a teddy bear name Fonzi (Short for Alfonso)
What's the last sporting event you watched? dancing with the stars
Ever collected unemployment? yes 
Your parents tell you they're moving to Mexico: No way Mother would move there!
Do you think you are an argumentative person? no
Would you rather have a poodle or a rottweiler? poodle
What jewelry do you wear all the time? I only wear jewelry when I go out.
Have you ever had a difficult relationship? but of course!!!
Ever driven into the ghetto to buy drugs? LOL @ just driving into the ghetto is a trip!
Are your ears gauged? No. That's just FREAKY!
How did you feel when you woke up today? I woke up at 4 so I think I woke up too early.
Where did you buy the shirt you're wearing now? I am not wearing a shirt!
Ever kissed someone who smokes? YES, yuck @ he tasted like an ashtray.
What do you usually do first in the morning? Go pee, weigh, brush my teeth, shower, clean the shower while I am still in it, clean the bathroom.
What are you doing tonight? THIS SURVEY

The Raven

This was another Mask Challenge.
I tagged it for Indigo
because she likes ravens...
(blank one below)
Over a week ago,
someone in the building left a note on the dryer
... that it was not working...
Why would someone put a note
on the dryer
not call it in?!!
On Wednesday of last week,
I noticed that the note
was still on the dryer...
So I caught a neighbor
as I was going out the door
and asked her to call it in...
On Saturday,
I went to talk to the landlady
about the dryer.
She said it was not reported until Wednesday
but she says she is not doing anything
 to fix dryers right now
because she is more worried about
leaky roofs
from the Hurricane damage.
I was frustrated last week
because I was not able to do any laundry...
OMGG @ I have to look through my underwear
to see if I have any clean ones for today!
So here it is the start of another week
and still no dryer!
And bras, well,
I had to give two of them a burial
in File 13 yesterday...
I hate to think that I only have one good bra!
I will need to sort through my bras
to see if I can find at least one more good bra!
I am embarrassed to say that
I have too many bras
with only one wire
and/or very little or no elastic or support...
I have to find out when Tax-Free days are
because that is when I buy
bras and underwear.
I hate the new bras on the market...
Is it that too many people are looking for sexy
instead of shaping and support
or is it the manufacturers fault?!
Grrrr @ Playtex for only making bras
that come up to your neck...
turtleneck bras?
LOL @ don't make me feel like
a turtle in my bra!
So here it is Monday again...
On Mondays, I like to plan my week...
Summer Camp starts on Sunday...
I have no idea if I am going to be able to go
or how I am going to get there...
but it is best to be prepared
...just in case...
Grrr @ I may have to go out of my way 
to go to a laundrymat to wash clothes!
I need to check the fluids
and air pressure
on my car.
I need to make sure I have
what I need for camp...
I need to make my job searches
to include possible leads for next week...
I need to print out extra copies of my resume...
I need to try to clean up
a little bit before I go...
Etc, Etc, Etc...
This means that I may have to limit
my time on the computer
and making tags.
Now, I am having problems
with the F and the K.
I wish I could take the computer apart
to see what is underneath my keyboard...
I am laughing at myself
because I sound so frustrated.
It happens!
P.S. Sugar mentioned something about
a feeder, because I am not getting alerts.
This computer does some strange things,
including swallowing emails you try to keep.
If you have the address for the feeder,
please send it to moi.
Thank you!