Monday, September 15, 2008

Reflections Of Marilyn

 OMG @
it is still
Hurricane Ike!!!  
I hope Mother
doesn't get more flooding
at her place!
I lived
my LIFE by candlelight
so I only cleaned
the bathroom.
Thank God
for the $ store!
I am surprised that
I still have enough beans
for two more days
from the batch I prepared
two weekends ago!
It has been a financial blessing
to eat the way
my Grandparents use to...
Back to the Job Search!
Blessings sent your way
for a fabulous WEEK!


sybilsybil45 said...

As one who has had more than her fair share of rain this summer ??what summer ?? I hope that your rain stops soon and you can look forward to a lovely autumn (fall !!)  It is amazing how economilcal one can be when one has to isn't it. I am sorry for some of the youngsters who say they can't cook, I expect it is the same in  the US...Over her ethey have brought back cooking lessons at school at least then there will be no excuses.   Have a good week   Love  Sybil xx

jjdolfin9 said...

So is there a reason you sent this entry three times or is AOL at it again?  LOL.
Nice tag, Joyce

pharmolo said...

Ike is now over Newfoundland, Win - you're having a front overhead lol. Good luck with your jobsearch