Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hello, Bridget!

expressing a little Halloween Spirit.
This tag was a headache to make!
I tried to animate it,
but the animation made it really distorted!
I am making two entries today
so don't forget to check out
my other entry for a tag offer.
I am upset that my phone
has not made a sound all week,
but on Saturday, I got three phone calls!
Is that what I pay my phone bill for?! LOL
The first phone call was from my aunt.
(the one everyone says I look like)
Actually, I think she is my only living aunt now.
She says she was
diagnosed with breast cancer in June.
Fortunately, they caught it in time
& didn't have to remove her breast.
She says she has two more treatments to go
& then, she will be on a pill
for five years...
I have not heard from my aunt
since I lived at my house
in Corpus Christi...
OMG @ that was almost
20 years ago...
I wonder how she got my number.
Wish I could hug her
but she lives in Michigan.
The second phone call was from
the birthday girl.
My daughter turned 30 on Saturday.
My grandson turned 3 on Thursday
so she threw him
a birthday party at the park.
When I spoke to her on the phone,
Guy told her that he wanted
to talk to Nana.
I was in shock at how clear
his words are!
He told me all about his party.
He sounded so excited & so happy!
He said he ate cake,
 that he rode the train,
& that he got a lot of little box cars.
OMG @ we actually held a conversation!
Oh @ how they grow up so fast...
Wish I could have been there
but we were unable to go.
The last call came after 10 p.m.
so I thought it was Daniel but
it was from my prodigal daughter. <<LOL
She recently moved to Austin
and they moved right across the street
from where her husband works
so he can just walk across the street
to get to work!
Wow! Awesome!


thegirlnexdoor77 said...

LOL...I watched Bridget Jones last night  have a grear week..Hugs,TerryAnn

astoriasand said...

He-He Win on the broomstick.You look fantastic LOL!! Hope your phone rings a little more often Winivere.How lovely for you to hear your Grandson."A Very Happy Belated Third Birthday"  to him.Have a great Monday.Hope and pray Aunt soon gets well .In my prayers all of you.Kath astoriasand

sybilsybil45 said...

What a lovely weekend it turned out to be...These phone calls make having a phone all worthwhile...Pity about your Aunts cancer scare...funny as you say how she got your number...maybe Mom must have given it to her !  your wee grandson sounds ever so special and a clever wee boy as well.  I am pleased that you were all able to  chat.   Take care,  love  Sybil xx

sunnybethe said...

Your "Witchy tag" is so adorable!  I hope you kept your Aunt's phone number so tht it won't be another 20 yrs.  I'm so glad she's doing good with the treatments-that is good news!  I was wondering if you could make me a BETHE like your Winivere tag.  Sooo Cool!  hugs,  Bethe