Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cool Breeze

Well, it looks as if I am really behind
with my stories about camp
and the only time I wrote in my journal this week
was on Monday!
So... to get caught up and put a close to this week,
here is my Friday dish!
My week started out with a bang on Labor day.
I got a lot of things done that day
and I had a good hair day! LOL
received some nice compliments
about the tags that I made this week.
It is so nice when people compliment your work,
especially because
I am not even a PSP toddler yet, (lol)
and everything I make is still thru
trial and error! LOL 
Thank you so much for the encouragement!
Makes me happy!
The rest of the week,
I have been struggling at looking for work.
I guess some weeks it is just easier than others.
But I got a phone call for an interview next week
for a job that I applied for on or about January...
What month is it? lol
I love multi-grain bread
or jalapeno garlic cheese bread
with a good salad...
but it is so expensive, so...
in trying to save money,
I have been making tortillas instead.
I have discovered that I can eat a lot of
store bought corn tortillas,
but they do not fill me up
unless if they are lots of enchiladas or beef tacos.
When I make flour tortillas,
I can feel full with a taco made with only one tortilla
or with a meal using only one tortilla.
Home made tortillas taste better and cost less
that buying store bought flour tortillas.
Also, after you've made your batch,
all you have to do is fill it with food
and fold it loosely in a paper towel to heat it up
and this saves on washing dishes! lol
The problem is that Mother showed up this week
and I gave her the tortillas I made
so now I have to make more. lol
She is still having problems from the flooding.
I don't think FEMA wants to help her
because she lives in humble conditions.
Shocking; isn't it?!
I feel bad that I don't have a job
so that I can help her.
I have been feeling a little down
because I haven't found a job yet...
I thank God for taking care of me for the past year,
and I trust Him to continue to do so,
but a human can't help but worry sometimes!
My apartment continues to be in CHAOS!
Before I found FLY Lady,
I had been working on a book idea
to get myself organized.
That idea is still in my head
but it hasn't been perfected yet...
as you can tell by continued complaints
in My Friday Dish! lol
I decided to try FLY Lady's way
to see if I could match it to my ideas...
but I guess my mind continues to rebel
because I want to make it my own plan, so...
I am going to change things up a bit
to match with my original ideas
so it will be easier to remember
what to do
on what day!
According to FLY Lady,
weekends are your days off from Housekeeping
to enjoy time with your family
and to Renew Your Spirit...
but this weekend,
I will have to focus on some serious
Crisis Cleaning
and decluttering boogie!
this is one of my favorite tags
that I made this week.
I hope you will like it, too.
And to the newbies to my Journal:
My creations are snaggable
except for when I say
Please don't snag this one!
and that's usually because
it is a personal tag.
I am still waiting for someone
to PIMP my journal
so I can share my creations with others.
Have a Great Weekend!


dsonney01 said...

Ok, I think your mind switches gears as fast as mine. I love homemade torillas- BUT I can't eat just one!  What (who) is FLY lady? Government doesn't believe in helping the needy, only talking about it. You never told us about camp yet! hehehe Love, Dannelle in a packing box

cacklinrosie101 said...

I'll pimp your journal.  LOL..there's so many to pimp now, and ya'll are getting way too good...only teasing but really you guys are awesome!  I have always learned by trial and error.  I don't do well with tutorials or structured classes coz I don't usually "get" it.  Keep up the great work, Wini!  HUGS Chris

rdautumnsage said...

I'm still chuckling over Dannelle saying your mind switches gears as fast as hers does. It must be a contagious sympton among your readers, as it so happens to work that way with me as well (winks). I love this this tag and yes, I snagged it. Thank you for the beautiful work you do.

I'm continuing to keep you in my prayers on the smoke concerning a job hon. Your in my thoughts! (hugs)Indigo

sunnybethe said...

Love this tag Win.  I actually used it yesterday : /  and of course, thanked you.  I think that when you tags get used out there, people will come.  But, ofcourse, I'll pimp your journal.  I need to find out how ot make tortillas.  Bread gives me tummy problems and I'd rather eat "atural" anyways.  Share the recipe please?
mucho hugs....

jjdolfin9 said...

I don't know how you can call yourself a toddler still.  Your work is terrific Wini and every graphic looks more advanced than the last.  R U making it clear that each tag is a "TAG OFFER" that you will put names on?  Make sure the group knows that you have a journal where you make tag offers.  We have quite a few that don't do PSP that will visit for that reason.
Hugs, Joyce

dsonney01 said...

I came back to say "Hey! Are you Roxy Mama?" Cool! I want to learn PSP too! Crazy how linked up j-land can be. Hugs, Dannelle

tpiez4me said...

I'll be pimping your journal!!


sybilsybil45 said...

Goodness you might have missed a few days journalling but this one is sure is the tag..I have tagged it !! thank you....auntumn sure is rushing in over is winter I think !!  This weekend has been never ending rain...I have been away since Friday up near London and it hardly stopped all weekend.  Love for now friend, Sybil xxx