Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Throwing in a little Marilyn today.
I love this picture of her hugging a tree...
Guess when there is no human around,
I could do that! LOL
The white background is also available...
Wish my readers
would just get a black background
for their journals!
Well, this weekend,
I was going to do some serious
Crisis 101 Cleaning
in the Living Areas...
I was in the kitchen
all day Saturday!
And on Sunday...
well, I just didn't feel like cleaning!
I hate having a little kitchen
with little storage space,
because I have to take everything
out of the oven
in order to use it!
Pots & Pans all over the floor!
It just makes another mess!!
So, I made some beans
and smashed them,
made some Spanish rice, too.
I separated everything into baggies
put everything in the freezer
for this week...
Throw this girl
a steak
I have too many cake mix boxes
leftover from when
I used to decorate cakes.
Most of them are expired
so I made cupcakes
and put them in the freezer, too.
I like this idea for a single person,
because you can take them out
one at a time
and take them on the go
or pack them with your lunch!
I was antsy yesterday,
because I couldn't use the computer all day.
I couldn't use it, because
I was waiting on a phone call
from a friend,
who is one of my references,
and it took him all day to call me back.
Grrr @ I needed to do some Job Searches!
he says an employer is checking me out!
Wish it was for a job I really want...
but any job is ok
at this point,
I am desperate!
I am a desperate job seeker!
that is better
than being


dsonney01 said...

Oh so cute. I know about the cake boxes! I had about twenty expired ones for same reason- I left them when I moved! Your Marilyn is beautiful. My new kitchen is so small and storage so limited that I was not hardly cooking at all. Too much trouble and propane is to darn expensive anyway! Dannelle

bookncoffee said...

Nice graphic.  I love the lacy frame and butterfly.  I think I see how to make the butterfly animate.  You distort the image at about three different levels, and then animate? I'm sure I could figure it out.  I will have to try that this weekend.
Oh and that cupcake idea is excellent.  I had not thought of that.  Good luck with the job.
Sonya from your graphic group.

sybilsybil45 said...

Fingers crossed that this week your dream of a job comes true....You have sure waited long enough now I think....Liked your idea of putting the cup cakes in the freezer hadn't thought of that....We are still sitting under laden skies...rain hardly stopped in last 4 days....Love for Now sybil xx


jjdolfin9 said...

We were both thinking Marilyn today (I did one too and I'll send it to you to check out).  I can't believe you haven't found a job yet.  You've tried so hard for so many months.  The job market just sucks GF.  I hope something pops soon.
Hugs, Joyce

sunnybethe said...

I hae to do the same hting when I cook.  What a hassle!  Mmmm, spanish rice and beans.  I'm still waiting for those avacadoes to ripen!  hugs,  Bethe