Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Breast Cancer Awareness

October is "Breast Cancer Awareness" month.
I made this tag on both white and black backgrounds. 
I went into complete shock
when I heard about Christina Applegate's
battle with breast cancer.
The most shocking part was that
she had no problem with
removing both her breasts!
How brave is that?!
My aunt was diagnosed
with breast cancer in June.
Fortunately, it was caught in time,
and she didn't have to have her breasts removed.
Queen Latifa jokes
that she enjoys every minute
of her monthly breast self-exams.
Set a date for yourself
to do your self-exams every month,
say every 1st of the month
or every 1st Friday of the month,
for example.
It may save your breasts
and your LIFE.
Deeply apologetic for not posting
on Monday or Tuesday.
Whenever I post,
I spend a lot of time making the tags,
but I also have to cut and paste
the letter "d"
for all words that contain the letter "d"
because that letter is missing from my computer,
Because spell check does not catch all the words,
that means that it takes me a long time
to write an entry...
and yesteray,
I was just too tired to do that
so I am a couple of tags behind
but it is on my agenda to catch up!
P. S.
Very upset over recent AOL change...
They want to ditch our journals!
Grrr @ over five years of my life
into the trash?!


dsonney01 said...

So, you haven't moved yet? I snagged the ribbon. Love it! You have to stay in touch and blog, journal or what ever. I love your journal. I really would be sad not to visit it I am here.  Haven't had time to write in it because of following everyone to know where they are going and yada yada yada, it is exhausting as the real moving! Love, Dannelle

sybilsybil45 said...

Well Win I just can't imagine my life without having my friends pop by and visit most days....It is so so sad...I don't think I will be going over to blogspot it would be something else for me to try to learn..However I will wait and see when I get back for our holiday to South AFrica. We will be back 27th. Oct.  by then though I think most everybody will have  given up. I believe tha the USA bloggs are being taken over to blogspot but not the ones over we would have to open a blogspot thingy....Anyway we have a few more days... Love Sybil xx

jjdolfin9 said...

Get over to blogspot and get set up Wini.  They have a set up with black background just for you.
Hugs, Joyce

sunnybethe said...

Hiya sweetie!   I hope you had a wonderful visit with your dtr and grand kids. Love the tag... ta-ta's..LMAO! I haven't set up a blog yet.  Busy day today.  I hink I'm going to do it tonight though.  hugs,  Bethe